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In this paper, I discuss the results of Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment, what Kudler Fine Foods appears as an organization, and an evaluation of my performance as a manager at Kudler.

Personal Values Paper The mission of self-assessment is to promote ethics in community through research, education and leadership, by helping adults to judge, care and do what is right. These three points are the ingredients for moral maturity. A commitment to personal ethics is about developing a moral self capable of dealing with ethical issues as they arise (
Ethical Perspective Assessment According to the self-assessment, a person’s ethical awareness profile can be closely aligned with four different values: ‘C’, for character, ‘O’, for obligation, ‘R’ for results, and ‘E’ for equity. This essentially classifies people whose ethical perspectives are based on moral values and principles (‘C’), feeling obligated to do what is morally right (‘O’), the consequence of their actions (‘R’) and using their daily experience to steer them through ethical decision- making process (‘E’).
My Personal Values
Of the four different values, I base my ethical perspectives primarily on ‘O’ or obligation. I believe that human beings have intrinsic value and deserve equal respect. Therefore, I cannot support social decisions or traditions aimed at the best interests of society while discarding the feelings of a few. People should be allowed to make their own choices and not base their decisions on others’ instinct or impulse.
Even though I uphold such ideals, a few frustrations mentioned in the self-assessment are also true. The views of right and wrong may not be the same for everyone; my right choice may not be the most beneficial choice for the organization I work for. I do think that the cost-benefit analysis is…...

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