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Imagine standing in a long line, in a hot, crowded courthouse, why are you there? Are you there to renew your driver’s license? Are you there to get new tags for your vehicle?
You’re not there to renew your license, or get new tags for your vehicle, you’re there to VOTE. Ignore the crowd around you and keep in mind that you are there for a great reason.
As a registered American voter, I would like to share with you the 4 steps for voting, show you the importance of voting, and encourage you to become a registered voter.

Let me take you back to a critical time in America’s history.
Let us begin by talking about the time or the civil war. It started in 1861.
By the time of the Civil War, most white men were allowed to vote.
In 1869, the 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote to black men, with most women of all races still unable to vote.
Before the civil rights movement, which started in 1955, only free, rich, white men who owned property could vote. Although freed African Americans could vote in four states, white working men, almost all women, and all people of color were denied the right to vote.

There is no doubt that people lost their lives fighting for rights to vote. People have lost their lives for us to vote in war. Also, some people performed courageous acts on their own to try and prove a point and died.

Who fought so hard for us to vote? Women and men who supported the cause fought. Susan b Anthony, perhaps the most well-known women’s rights activist in history fought for women and black people to be able to vote.
She believed that men and women should study, live and work as equals. Susan had strong beliefs about justice and equality for women and for black people.
The federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 happened due to the pressures of Dr. MLK. It was to remove the restrictions on who could vote in elections. Lyndon B. Johnson…...

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