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Untangling the Integration Hairball with a Data Integration Hub
ARCH107 Presented by Bertrand Cariou, Charles Hughes 04/15/2014

Informatica Data Integration Hub
Solution Overview

Challenges With Integrating Data


What is a CIO’s Typical Concern?
Where is the most time and money spent today?


KTLO Managing Applications
40 % Managing Applications



Lifecycle of the Hairball
Cloud Technologies

ERP Finance

Sales ODS

Complex Transformation

Flat files Logs



Industry Standards

Data Marts

Time Consuming Costly
People & Process


Who Cares? Impact Across the Organization is Different Business Office
Inconsistence Data Quality erodes trust in the data

Which data can I trust?

Technology Office
Redundant interfaces increase complexity and unnecessarily tax source systems

How can I manage interface more efficiently?

Compliance Office
Lack of visibility where it originates and how consumed and transformed

How do I meet regulatory compliance ?

Future Information Architecture Desired End-state

Sales ODS Future ODS





DataDIH Integration Hub

Future ODS Future ODS




Data Marts

End-to-End Metadata Visibility

Data Integration Hub Capabilities & Value
Data Integration Hub Monitoring & Control Interaction Management Data Management Persistence
Publish/Subscribe Integration for Batch & Near Real-time Self-Managed Persistency Self-Service Interface Generation Data Certification End to End Visibility

Data Integration Hub

Reduce Application Dependencies Effortless Storage and Archiving Accelerate Time to Market Ensure Trust in Data Better accountability and…...

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