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Week3 Assignment

Living in Southern California and near a major earthquake fault I have pondered and wondered why our plants shake and why our planet only shakes in specific elements of the United States. While exploring for the details to finish my report, I was also able to find out the solutions to my own individual queries. This report will reply these inquiries: How does our planet shift and when, what actives cause the Earth to shake, how are earthquakes calculated and what are the two kinds of body waves and earthquake generates. Reasons for Earthquakes; an earthquake is triggered if there’s an unpredicted and unexpected release of power inside the Earth’s crust, producing seismic waves. A burst in geological faults under the Earth’s surface may also trigger earthquakes. But, earthquakes may also be because of volcanic action, nuclear tests as well as landsides. A natural earthquake will occur inside the Plant’s surface where there is sufficient stored energy and hear that will trigger plates in order to relocate. So why does our planet move when these move, Our planets move since whenever the two plates or faults move they generally get tangled together when they move. The accumulated energy which moves the plates becomes saved and whenever the energy is ultimately released it triggers the planet earth in order to shake. Earthquakes are calculated with a seismometer which is also known as a seismograph. A seismometer calculates as well as notes the moves under the Planet’s surface which includes seismic waves triggered by earthquakes. A seismometer permits seismologists to produce a map of the Planet’s inner surface. One more device utilized in order to calculate earthquakes in a Richter magnitude scale. This device provides figure to the quantity of seismic energy released during an earthquake.…...

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...AQA A2 Geography Updating Unit 3 Plate tectonics and associated hazards David Redfern Professor David Petley November 2012 Programme 9.45am Registration and coffee 10.00am: Requirements of the specification • Plate Tectonics theory and the evidence used to support it • Volcanic events: impact and management • Seismic events: impact and management • Case studies – depth and detail 11.00am: Morning break 11.15am Keynote speaker: Professor David Petley (University of Durham). The Christchurch Earthquake sequence: managing the aftermath of a series of unexpected seismic events. 12.30pm Lunch 1.30 pm Assessment strategies • Structured questions – their nature and demands • Exemplar answers of the above, and the marking thereof • Synoptic essays – what type of essays can be set • Exemplar answers of the above, and the marking thereof 3.15pm: Associated skills activities • Exemplars of materials that can be used to reinforce skills • Attitudes and values exercises 3.45pm: Day ends Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards Things to learn • The structure of the earth. You should know the meaning of the following terms: core, crust (continental and oceanic), mantle, lithosphere, asthenosphere. Thermal convection currents operating within the asthenosphere and sea-floor spreading • Features of constructive (divergent) margins. You should be able to describe and know the......

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...Plate Tectonics Nicole Anderson GLG/220 Dr. A. Kem Fronabarger November 7, 2011 What is an Earthquake and where do they come from? Many people are unaware of what an actual earthquake is and how they come to be. There are several myths that have been created to help people understand how earthquakes have been produced. In Japan, legend has it the earth is shaken by the movement of a giant catfish hidden in the ground. The Chinese believe that the earth is resting on a giant ox, and in India, one myth suggest that the earth was held in place by four elephants, which were standing on top of a giant turtle, which in turn was standing on top of a giant cobra; whenever one animal moved, the earth is shaking (Zerve, 2000). In the 1960’s we finally found the true cause of earthquakes. The theory of plate tectonics was created. This theory suggests that the earth’s crust consists of “plates” that move relative to one another, and seismic activity is associated mostly with this motion (Zerva, 2000). Most of the earthquake sources are located along the boundaries of these plates. Earthquakes can be very hazardous, so it is important to understand how an earthquake happens and the earthquake preparedness techniques. In order to understand the earthquakes and the tectonic plates, we must first understand the earth and its layers. The earth is made up of three layers: the crust, the mantle and the core (Zerva, 2000). The lithosphere is the crust and upper most solid......

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