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Policy Paper
The representative I chose is Barack Obama and his view on federal spending as a means of promoting economic growth. As the 44th president of the United States, he has a major influence on the National issues and polices. I personally feel that spending money as a way to gain more is potentially the best way for economic growth as long as you know what you are doing, and with the people and resources Obama has I feel he can make it work. Obama also agrees with my reasoning as he also agrees that federal spending is important for promoting economic growth.
In the United States we are currently in the process of trying to recover from a recession, so the government is careful in its spending, but the question remains how the government should spend their money and on what. During this time most people are naturally against government spending due to the fact they feel the government should save its money, but wheat most people don’t realize is that a lot of times spending money in the right places can actually simulate money growth.
As president Obama understands that in order to get us out of this economic slump he must use some of our money to help the economy grow. As a voter, I voted for president Obama because of his view on the issues and his ideas for change. For the most part Obama’s ideas and records match with my beliefs and I can definitely agree with them.
The specific bill is worded exactly how is sounds where the government spends money on specific projects that can also bring back revenue for the economy. The only potential problem with this bill could possibly putting too much money into one project that does not yield enough money. Also looking through Obama’s history on this issue, he has consistently backed up his views on this issue through potential solutions such as the recovery act and with the creation of jobs. I personally…...

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