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Amid inquiry from the SEC, and the Department of Justice, and in the atmosphere of negative press, executives at Polymedica have been forced to publicly address concerns regarding accounting practices of their direct response advertisement. Short sellers began unloading stock, stating that Polymedica was misleading investors with overstated assets and revenue. According to GAAP of expense recognition, all advertising is recorded as expense. To understand these circumstances, it is necessary to define assets and expenses and their differences as it relates to this case. Assets are all things of value that the organization has the right to use including financial resources, equipment and other physical resources in order to generate business. Examples of assets are cash and cash equivalents (things that can be converted to cash quickly), amounts owed to the organization (accounts receivable), and marketable securities. Assets also include the plant, property, and equipment that is owned by the company and used in the production of goods and services. Another type of assets includes intellectual property such as copyrights or patents which outline rights to profit generated exclusively under these documents. Assets are sub-divided into current and non-current with current assets to be utilized during the current operating cycle which is usually 1 year. Assets are disclosed on the balance sheet and provide a snapshot of the company’s financial resources and are balanced against liabilities to show owner equity. Expenses are outflows or other use of assets and/or incurrence of liabilities that occur in the delivery of goods and services. These are reflected in the income statement and are deducted from revenue to show net income for a given time period, usually the operating cycle of 1 year. The net income then reflects the company’s viability and…...

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...form a part of operating expenses and are included in ‘cost of sales’. It may either be raw materials, labor, etc., or capitalized assets which are either depreciated or amortized over a period of time. These are known as matching costs. The other types of costs are ‘period costs’ which are mostly mentioned under S, G and A expense. There are something known as the ‘inventoriable costs’ which are normally not shown immediately in the income statement. On the other hand, assets are classified under fixed and current assets, which are mostly part of the balance sheet. Any selling or buying of assets is shown as part of ‘cash from investing’ activity. Assets are directly or indirectly related to the future revenue generation for the firm. PolyMedica focused on direct to customer strategy to increase its customer base. Thus it focused on direct response customer right from 1996 to reach a larger portion of Medicare eligible patients to market their products. This specifically was a pretty successful campaign, as the company increased its Medicare eligible diabetes customer base from 17,000 to 545,000 in 2003. To qualify as capitalized expenditure as assets, the direct responses expenses had to prove that the specific advertisements generated sales. Leads normally did not qualify. It has to be narrowly targeted and the response needs to be tracked. The company ran various advertising commercials on the television with each commercial being given a separate toll free number. For......

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...recognition at Polymedica includes an effective tracking system, tying the sale directly to the advertisement. To satisfy the requirements of linking customers and probable economic benefits to specific direct-response advertising, a means of documenting that response is required. The use of 800 numbers, coded order forms, coupons, or response cards; and a log of customers who made phone calls to a number appearing in an advertisement, linking those calls to the advertisement are examples of this. Thus, shows about the correlation between positioning an advertisement in a publication and the resulting audience responses. The system ensures a process of continued business (future economic benefit) which is further expensed as administrative costs. The repeat order process, as well as follow up with physicians and third party payers is required, but does not constitute further marketing. With direct-response advertising, the incremental direct costs of the advertising incurred are capitalized if the primary purpose of the advertising was to elicit sales to customers who specifically responded to the advertising and the advertising resulted in probable future benefits. This specifically was a pretty successful campaign, as the company increased its Medicare eligible diabetes customer base from 17,000 to 545,000, as well as its sales in 2003. Thus the company that has ability to show the reasonable proof that requested by SOP 93-7. Given the business process conducted by......

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