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One of the responsibilities of students is to study. Students must fulfill this responsibility in preparation for them to have a better future and for their great contributions to the nation. Through this, they can discover their talents, improve their social skills, develop their values, expand their knowledge, and so forth which lead them to become productive citizens and great contributors for the betterment of the present society along with the great demands and needs in the current times. Studying is maybe a hard task but it can give great things more than people expect. A student’s life is normally challenging. Projects, assignments, group activities, oral reports, recitations, and other school activities make student’s life a tough one.
But in some instances, there are factors why students cannot focus on their studies. So, they cannot give their whole attention in studying and rather choose to focus on their own pleasures. Other than that, some students cannot go to school maybe because of their confidential problems that cannot be noticed by the people around them. These might the reasons that lead the students to become difficult children and unschooled. As we can see, this problem is growing continuously in our society compared to the former generations. Not giving focus to studies means a lot. Teenagers may be directed to the wrong path which is very common to happen today. Fourth year students conduct this thesis entitled “Reasons Why Students Cannot Concentrate on their Studies” to find out the roots of this undying problem and to determine the most occurred cause of it. This thesis tackles about the major reasons why students cannot study well and the causes of their laziness in terms of studying. We will elaborate the reasons and their effects to students, to others, and to our community, so that the students will be…...

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