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Evangelism in the early church was based of off Jesus Christ’s example. Now Jesus evangelized differently, many people, including his disciples were confused at they way he did things. The disciples did not prioritize the spiritual needs of others like Jesus did. In the case of the Samaritan women, Jesus stepped out of His comfort zone and took the initiative to start the conversation with her. He also broke barriers and turned the conversation to spiritual matters. In this example, Jesus moved from the physical water to her need for the living water. He would boldly and wisely address the issue of sin and refused to be sidetracked. Comparing with Jesus, the disciples struggled with evangelism. They failed in every aspect. They overlooked the woman, ignored what Jesus was doing, failed to see the harvest ripe before them, and the underestimated the power of one. Luckily, by the mercy of Jesus, after they saw Christ resurrected they radically changed! They noticed people and their needs, and they acted to meet those needs. As a result a vast number of souls came to Christ.

In today’s church I see some similarities and differences. One similarity is the breaking of barriers; churches today in my opinion are doing a great job of this. Many churches go on mission’s trips all over the world to spread the message of Christ, and there efforts are not going overlooked. Now a difference I believe is the some churches ability to get the message out. I think some individuals in churches forget the power of one and have a spirit of timidity. Of course, this is not what God gave us; For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2nd Timothy…...

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...provide him with space and as per our agreement he’ll pay us a rent of Rs 2000/- and share a 10% of the total profit with us. S.no | Item | Quantity | Price | total | 1 | Football Table | 1 table | Rs 2000/= | Rs 2000/= | SUBLET EXPENSE # 1 | 2 | Ludo | 2 boards | | 3 | Chess | 1 board | Not discussed upon as it won’t be of our concern. We will only communicate our needs. | 4 | Card Games | 2 decks | 5 | Dice Games | 4 sets (2 each) | 6 | Darts & others | 1 set each | SUBLET EXPENSE # 2 | Water coin game | 2 sets | Balloon popping | 2 sets | GAME PRICING AND PHOTOGRAPHY RATES | Games and sublet single player double player | Football table | Rs 20/- | Rs 40/- | Ludo and Chess | Rs 15/- | NA | Card games | Rs 25/- | Rs 40/- | Dice games | Rs 20/- | Rs 40/- | Darts and others | Rs 15/- | Rs 30/- | Water coin game | Rs 15/- | Rs 30/- | Balloon popping | Rs 10/- | Rs 20/- | Other expenditures | quantity | price | total | Table | 3 | Rs 25/- | Rs 75/- | Table cover | 3 | Rs 10/- | Rs 30/- | Transportation costs | | Rs 300/- | Rs 300/- | Decorations | | Rs 120/- | Rs 120/- | Invitation cards | 20 | Rs 5/- | Rs 100/- | Posters | 10 | Rs 5/- | Rs 50/- | Receipt book & pen | 2 each for both | | Rs 100/- | Salary expense | 2 group members | Rs 500/- each | Rs 1000/- | Music system | 1 | Rs 800/- total | Rs 800/- | Total ......

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