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Pos/420 Week4

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The operating system that I use for work runs on Windows 7 Enterprise and for work purposes it works well. I am in the Army so money is typically no issue when acquiring tech support from the Microsoft end as well as through here at work. If I did work for a smaller company, I might be more open to utilizing Linux into the work place. I am no expert, but I have been experimenting with the Ubunto system. One of the main differences that is clear is that Window’s 7 is a product of Microsoft which uses NT as its kernel. In order to use Windows you must pay for the product and the support, but it must be noted that most updates are free but newer versions are not. Also a great plus for Ubunto is free open source software and does not have a designated technical support center. Ubunto’s kernel is Linux which differs from Windows. This is not too much of a problem for an experienced user but for a newcomer, this is a definite negative aspect. Another difference between the two systems is that security comes already installed with Ubunto; Windows on the other hand, does not come with security installed. In order to make sure your files and network is protected you must purchase security from Microsoft or other compatible vendors. While both systems are deemed as user friendly, I seem to have a harder time with Ubunto, but I think that may be due to the many years of experience of using Windows that has led to that situation. Another key difference is that there is lots of software out there for Microsoft products. When you purchase the software you can be assured that the software will install perfectly. There is no promise with Ubunto that software will be compatible. This is a chance you take when working with open source, but it can also be a positive. Since it is open source, it allows a person to mess with the configurations and customize it to their own taste.…...

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