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Store Manager / Assistant Store Manager (0-2 yrs.)Vidkris Retail Stores Pvt Ltd (Gurgaon, Noida)1. Taking care of all billing activities. 2. Handling daily and monthly cash flow and all records. 3. Taking care of all billing activities 4. Interaction with the customerSales / BD » Retail Store Mgr

General Purpose
To assist customers in finding and purchasing the required merchandise in a retail environment. To encourage customers to purchase products.Up-keep of the store and maintain the decorem of the store.
Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities * greet customers * find out the customer's needs * recommend, select and help locate the right merchandise * answer customer queries regarding the store and the merchandise * receive and process cash, check and charge payment * maintain sales records * place special orders * organize and process merchandise exchanges * process repair or alteration of merchandise * arrange and display merchandise * keep merchandise area tidy * take stock inventory * requisition new stock
Education and Experience * high school diploma or equivalent preferred * knowledge of customer service principles and processes * knowledge of sales principles * experience in a retail, customer service or sales environment
Key Competencies * good communication skills * customer service orientation * patience * adaptability * initiative * persuasiveness * stress tolerance * high energy level * integrity

Should be a hardworking and honest person.Should have good communication skills and proper…...

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