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“If I write about the poor, I don’t need a good imagination-I have to have a good memory” Eaton 1970
Poverty in Rural Vermont America is changing and maybe not for the good. In many states, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see a homeless person on the sidewalk asking for money. Here in Vermont however it was never such an issue. However, in recent years there isn’t a day that a person can drive through a local town like Main Street in Brattleboro without seeing someone asking for food or money. There aren’t enough jobs for these people or they don’t get paid enough to survive. Stories of homeless families are a lot more common than one would like to think.
How many people in this weak economy can actually help someone out? Most people would, but they themselves are struggling to survive. So with everyone having such a hard time surviving in Vermont, what is the solution? Most people would answer we need more jobs; others would say that there needs to be an increase in pay rates to keep up with the daily cost of living. With Vermont poverty increasing over the years, jobs and services aren’t enough to keep people from living in poverty or even becoming homeless. Many Americans don’t understand what homeless families struggle with and trying to explain to a child why they live the way they do. The first step in understanding this issue is confronting cultural attitudes towards poverty.
Professor of politics, Lawrence Mead III has researched American politics and policy making since 1966. Mead has written many books on welfare, poverty and programs for poor men. He works as a professor at New York University teaching American politics and public policy (NYU). Mead does present very knowledgeable claims from many years of research. Mead stated many times that single mothers on…...

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