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PPQ Parts
MGMT 415
Unit 3 Assignment

This paper will discuss as outlined purpose for different software packages with extensive research included. These package details will include the pros and cons to provide the appropriate software for the appropriate company.

PPQ Parts Within any business there are tasks to be done and in order to perform these tasks; there is specific software that is needed. There are many software packages and research must be done in order to find the correct software for the company to do particular tasks. A single software may not be right for all business. It is important to know the task at hand and how to get it done, then the decision to choose the best software can be made. A very important operating software system called the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a structure that controls the processes of fabrication planning and inventory. This is a system that uses the Master Production Schedule (MPS) to regulate the material requirements and uses a practice of inventory, expected receipts, and bill of materials. There are many benefits of using an MRP system within a business, but there are four main benefits. The four main benefits are better reactions on customer orders, faster reactions on market changes, increase operation of facilities and industry, and decrease in inventory stages (Heizer & Render, 2012). A technique that many businesses practice to govern the obtainable production capacity is the Capacity Requirement Planning (CRP). This technique starts by calculating the agenda of production that the company has intended. It then analyzes the actual fabrication capacity of the company and weighs it against the agenda of the production. This method is used to see if the company can meet the agenda with its current production capacity (Capacity Requirements Planning, 2012). A software…...

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...to take risks, based on the fluctuating rates. Also suppleness in corporate spending, inflation or deflation, or the global recession could affect demand which could negatively influence investments and profit margins. PPQ Parts would need to examine the economic issues directly concerning their company and have strategies in place to thwart off any economic factors which could directly affect their organization (Smith & Doyle, 2002). Political Factors - Political fluctuations can have an adverse influence on PPQ Parts. Political instability among singular markets can be very demanding. Managing federal, state and local legislation while running internationally dispersed personnel could pose to be a threat to PPQ Parts. Furthermore terrorist attacks and political volatility would also negatively influence investments and profit margins. PPQ Parts is also subject to at home and at broad competition, piracy, laws and regulations. Again, PPQ Parts would need to have strategies in place to deal with the management of political factors; in addition, they would need a crisis management team in place in the event of political volatility or terrorist attacks (Smith & Doyle, 2002). 6. Explain the importance of and the implications of each of these items in PPQ Parts' expansion plans to Germany and Japan. The greatest significance of going global with expansion in Germany and Japan, is with competitive advantage which they can ascertain through: economies of scale, first-mover......

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...PPQ PARTS EXPANSION INTO A GLOBAL MARKET PPQ Parts Expansion into a Global Market Mildred Denise Johnston American Intercontinental University Global Operations Management Unit 2 Individual Project Professor: Clifford Butler Abstract You have held conversations with Precision Part's leaders and obtained the following information, which you want to use in the development of a 4-year strategic management plan. •PPQ Parts employees now number 5,000, and all are currently employed in the United States. It plans to grow to 10,000 employees in 4 years. •New facilities will be needed in international expansion, and PPQ Parts anticipates building most of those (80%) outside the United States. PPQ Parts holds 5% of the world market share on small SUVs, but its goal is 9% in 4 years. •Current stock price is $10 per share. The goal is $22 a share. Profit margin 3-year average is 6%. Industry average during this time has also been 6%. The company goal is 13% in 4 years. •PPQ Parts has averaged 28% employee turnover during the last 3 years. This is compared to an industry average of 25%. The company’s goal is to increase employee retention by lowering annual turnover to 17%. •PPQ Parts contributes to all the local communities in which it is doing business. This is one of its corporate values. Current charity is 0.5% of total profits, but the company would like to raise that to 5% in 4 years. Assignment A strategic management plan is vital for the company......

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...module. Some of these features include: • Master Production Scheduling • Material Requirements Planning • Advanced Product Definition Management • Unlimited number of MRP planning periods • Multiple-level Bills of Material (unlimited) • Purchasing • Vendor Analysis • Production Order Control • Production Schedule Control • Detail labor report / transactions • Engineering Change Management • Multiple inventory bin locations • Lot and serial number tracking • Cycle Counting • Bar coding interface • Credit Card Processing • Project Accounting • Job Accounting Management Reports • Human resources features • 401(k) and Cafeteria Plan features With everything this software package offers, this would be of great benefit for PPQ Parts. This package includes all the software systems we currently use and even some systems we could implement. The Mosiac M21 system can help our company increase our efficiency, lower cost, optimize resources, and control product cost and quality (Mosaic Data Solutions). References Capacity Requirements Planning. Retrieved on June 20, 2012, from http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/capacity-requirements-planning.asp#ixzz1ylD6K8vy Enterprise Resource Planning. Retrieved on June 21, 2012, from http://www.csbdu.in/pdf/Enterprise_Resource_Planning.pdf Heizer, J. (2012). Operations Management 10th Ed. New Jersey: Prentis Hall. Mosaic Data Solutions. Retrieved on June 21, 2012, from......

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...contract needs to be composed and agreed upon by both PPQ and the service company. The second to consider is commercial presence, which simply means services that are supplied through the commercial presence of a foreign territory such as branch office opening after PPQ gets a good foothold on the current market. The third point to make is work force, will those people be coming from the local workforce or will PPQ be supplying the work force needed to run the startup company and/or any future companies open in that foreign country. Despite the best-laid plans, there will be some events that need to be taken care of on the spot. Those situations cannot be avoided just dealt with when they happen. Building a company in a foreign country can be exciting and rewarding. Long-term relationships will ensure the good reputation in that country for your business, PPQ. Laying plans ahead to cover once PPQ has established their market in the foreign country and financial statements show growth and profit. Building an alliance with your foreign partners or companies that supply goods is a healthy way to further your contacts and business in that country. In addition, looking at the growth of the company in that foreign country is it really an organic growth factor or is it heavily stimulated by the parent company? In planning the move to the foreign country the gain in the parent company, PPQ, is it limited by regulations of the country to which PPQ is moving? Some restrictions that......

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