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Some say that you got to see black in order to know that white exists. Since I was little, I’ve been raised in a loving and caring household. However, I’m conscious of what violence is and how it surrounds me, outside of my little bubble. I understand white because I know what black is. “Precious” is a perfect movie to contrast my lifestyle and to explain all of this. Being based on Sapphire’s book “Push”, it has a literary background and interesting way of telling the story as if it were a diary. Now, how can we compare these two masterpieces?
Lets start from the top, its name. As we the movie lovers know, there’s an action film titled “Push” too. Therefore, we conclude that to avoid confusions, Claireece P. Jones’ film directors and producers decided to change the name. Throughout the book, we can see that the word push is often used to indicate Precious that she has to “push it to the limit”. Situations where it happens are when she is about to give birth to her child and Ms. Rain inducing her to learn how to read and write. Therefore, the novel’s name goes better with the social problem that Sapphire was trying to reflect through her lines. People that live under marginalization or other limitations have to give a little extra in order to survive in this world; society can’t win the battle. The movie was more about the protagonist. Lee Daniels had the job to make us get into Precious’ life, feel her suffer and understand what she went through. That’s why the film name was more appropriate.
Now, I’m going to confess that I saw the movie a long time ago. Since our protagonist’s story had the spotlight, I didn’t get so much involved in her classmates’ life background. After reading the last pages in the book, even I felt that peculiar sensation of noticing that there are worst situations that those that we live everyday. Those poor girls had to go through so many…...

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...The movie Precious is based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire, which was written in 1996. The main character of this movie is Claireece Precious Jones but she is called Precious. She is an overweight teenage girl, who lives with her mother in a tenement in the slum of New York, many people call it the Bronx. Through out Precious's life she us experiencing psychically and sexually abuse from both her mother and father. She now had two children from her father at the age of sixteen. At home Precious's mother beats her on daily bases, and treat her with no respect at all. Precious is not only having trouble at home she is also having trouble at school. In the movie when she goes to see the principle, the principle says that she is still in junior high school when really should be in her last year of high school. Even though with all the stuff going on Precious still has big dreams for herself. Though out the movies you see clips of her dreams of being a famous singer or model and having a very good looking boyfriend. He imagination is very bright and has a lot of colors unlike the rest of the movie. I think that these fantasies are symbols of what Precious is hoping for her future. Also from watching this movie I feel like the way she acts in her imagination is how her real personality is but it's just hiding behind all the sadness and anger that her mother cause's her. Her life is fulled with sadness and anger, and when something bad happens in her life she dreams......

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...There are many reasons to see the movie Precious. Rarely does a movie devastate and uplift you at the exact same moment. It will leave you reeling emotionally. In a nutshell, it is a movie set in 1987 Harlem about an overweight, illiterate, African American teenager who is a victim of incest. Among many things, it is a story of perseverance and survival. It also gives us a raw look at the connection between abuse and eating problems. 
Precious' excessive weight and eating plays a central role in the movie. Aspects of the story help illuminate many of the reasons emotional, physical, and particularly sexual abuse, are risk factors for eating disorders.* Abuse isn't a "cause." Instead, it puts someone at a higher likelihood of having eating issues (there are many biological and social factors that play a part as well). This includes anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder as well as emotional eating, obesity and body image dissatisfaction. Thus, it is no surprise that Precious, who was sexually abused by her father, struggles with her weight, body and eating. Sexual abuse violates a person's body and personal boundaries. Physical sensations, including sexual feelings and hunger, become severely disrupted. At times, Precious turns to food for soothing and comfort. For example, when hungry one morning, she seeks comfort food. She steals a 10 piece bucket of fried chicken, eats it all and then vomits it back up. Precious has lost of control over her body, particularly how to......

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...I recently saw the movie Precious which tells the story of an African American teen living in Harlem. Through the movie, she is pregnant with her second child from being raped multiple times by her father. Her mother is abusive both emotionally and physically and does not support her desire for an education. While Precious endures countless acts of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and domestic violence, she is resilient and goes to an alternative school to learn the basic skills of reading and writing. As many as one in four girls and one in six boys may suffer from sexual abuse by the time they are 18.1 This movie really made me realize that while this is a fictional story, there are people like Precious living in every community. My jaw was literally dropped throughout the movie and I almost felt guilty because I come from a good home and family who support and nurture me. Why should this amazingly strong and resilient girl go through such a devastating life? Why do people like Precious go unnoticed by social workers and community helpers? There were few people who actually helped Precious effectively throughout the movie and they only did at times of dire need. Precious’ successes came primarily from her ability to go to another, happier place in her mind as she lived in these traumatic conditions. There were several improvements to the community’s efforts to deal with child abuse that I think girls like Precious could benefit from. The biggest issue is the timing......

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...ANALYSIS OF THE MOVIE PRECIOUS The movie Precious is based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire, which was written in 1996. The main character is Claireece Precious Jones called Precious. She is an overweight teenage girl, who lives with her mom in a tenement in the slum of New York, the Bronx. Precious suffers from both psychically and sexual abuse from both her father and mother, and she has had two children, both with her father at the age of 16. At home Precious mom beats her, and treats her terribly, but Precious is also having a hard time at school. She is stuck at 9th grade when she actually should be in 12th grade. After all Precious still has dreams for her life. She is fantasising about being a singer, model or just being a famous celebrity. During the movie, you see small clips of Precious imagination. The clips are very bright, happy and colourful compared to the rest of the movie. I believe these fantasies, and the light setting in them are a symbols for Precious hope for the future. But at the same time the happy bright dreams is a reflection of Precious true personality, hidden behind all of her anger and sadness. She is desperately hoping that one day someone will break trough to her, or she will break trough to someone. Her life is grey and sad, and these dreams are her way of holding on. When something bad happens, she dreams herself away to a better place, because the truth is too hard to handle. One of the times Precious dreams herself away is......

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... Harlem, 1987. Clarice Precious Jones (Gabourey Sildibe) is in a math class, daydreaming. She is wearing a red scarf. Much of the film is in first-person narration. She narrates, My name is Clarice Precious Jones. I want to be on the cover of a magazine. I wish I had a light-skinned boyfriend with good hair. But first I want to be in one of those BET videos, and we see a fantasy sequence of her dressed in a photo-shoot, accompanied with a light-skinned boyfriend (who will be in all her future movie sequences.) She also says I 'm gonna break through, someone is going to break through to me, ima be normal and sit in the front of the class. She has a crush on the math teacher Mr. Wicher (Bill Sage). She narrates that she likes math. The class is rowdy and when a student responds to Mr. Wicher with cuss word, Precious slaps that student and says to Mr. Wicher, I got your back. She narrates that she and Mr. Wicher will move away and live together in Westchester. A student comes in with a note saying that the principal wants to see Precious. In the principals office, the principal, Mrs. Lichtenstein asks if Precious is pregnant again and how could this happen. The principal lays out the facts for Precious: shes 16, pregnant again, and attends junior high. The principal wants to move Precious to an alternative school. The principal asks the mom to come to a meeting but when Precious protests, Mrs. Lichtenstein says that she can visit her mom. Precious is at home washing......

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...Maryland University College Media Paper Professor Thomas Harlow Psychology 100 Precious is a movie that can be viewed and scrutinize using basic motivation and emotion theories in psychology. The movie is about Claireece "Precious" Jones and how she becomes a strong, independent black woman who overcame the abuse of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that she endured since she was three months old. Precious can be compared to Robert, a young man discussed in chapter 12 who was dealing with emotional abused by his friends. Precious and Robert are two characters who were both emotional abused. Precious was emotional abused by her mother, her mother abused her emotionally with derogatory words that really affected her emotional state of being. Her mother often times said to her that she was fat, black, and ugly. Robert was also emotionally abused by his friends who often made fun of his physical appearance. Robert waned to change his physical appearance so that he would not be ashamed of how he looked. Both characters were not happy with their appearance and wanted to change their physical appeared so they could be loved. Precious mother often abused her in many psychological ways and Robert mother was a mother who wanted to help her son through his emotional state. Robert found himself trying to find ways to alter his appearance so that he would be accepted by his peers. Precious also wanted to be loved but she found pleasure in eating, this was her way of......

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