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Production Options at Prime Safety Ltd.
Case Study Analysis
About Prime Safety Ltd.:
PSL is a manufacturer of corporate and industrial clothing in Karachi, Pakistan. The characteristics of operations of the company are –
• Wide variety of clothes
• A majority of customers have order size below 500
• The manufacturing process involves similar operations but varying work content
Issue in the Case: To improve flexibility and operational efficiency, PSL has plans to implement modular manufacturing in sewing department. The issue in the case is to analyze the impact of this shift on the operational efficiency, employee coordination and customer service of the organization and recommend a suitable course of action.
Cloth manufacturing process: The structure of the manufacturing process is - Parts -> Pre-assembly -> Final Assembly
Process flow diagram:

Existing process in sewing department: Assembly line or Chain Flow
The main characteristics of this process are -
• Bundled routing of material
• Each operator performs same operation on all parts. This leads to worker specialization in a particular task assigned to him.
• Modified bundle system is used for short order quantities
Problems with existing process: Switching time for a different style is very high, about 6 to 8 hrs. This leads to underutilization of the existing machinery as well as other problems like lack of flow and rhythm in the work done by the operators.

Why did PSL consider a shift to modular manufacturing?
Following are the reasons which motivated PSL to consider a shift from chain flow to cellular manufacturing for its sewing department –
• From January to June 2007, PSL observed that 199 out of 392 (approx. 50.76%) orders were of size less than 500.
• The existing line flow system led to operational inefficiency and inflexibility due to high…...

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