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Process Improvement Plan Sitaniel Johnson Operations Management June 13, 2010 Jose Rodrigo Pons

Total Quality Management is composed of Employee Involvement, Customer Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement in Performance. Statistical process control is using statistical methods to determine the control of a process. Statistical process control (SPC) entails using random samples to assess and examine the differences in a process (Chase, 2006). It makes sure that the process operates to its full potential to produce a specific outcome. The following information will address a practical type of continuous improvement know as Statistical Process Control (SPC). In week one my process was driving to work. Taking control of these processes helps cut the total process down to about 14 to 18 minutes per day. SPC mostly involves using control charts to detect defective or changed services or produces. SPC may be broadly broken down into three sets of activities: understanding the process; understanding the causes of variation; and elimination of the sources of special cause variation. The process intervention begins to help at the end of week two, by week four the process was controlled. Control Charts Control charts are used to eliminate concern over variation over common causes. Through the control charts, variation because of special causes is identified, or the process capability is found lacking, additional effort is exerted to determine causes of that variance and eliminate it. The tools used include Ishikawa diagrams, designed experiments and Pareto…...

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