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By using this mobile app, customers can easily see the everyday’s food menu. The menu will be classified into several categories. It will be classified by different canteens. Customers can choose which canteen they prefer to go freely. Then it can be classified by offering window. For example, the first window mainly offers rice, and the ninth window mainly offers noodle. Meanwhile, the other windows offer other food. Through this way, customers can rely on offering window to choose something they are interested to eat. What is more, it can be classified by types of food, such as noodle, rice and so on. On the other hand, the app would provide related offering windows, which help customers to know about the food information clearly. For example, if one customer just wants to eat rice today, he can use this classification. He just needs to focus on rice, which saves him a lot of time in consideration. It is very convenient, especially for the customers who have already made a decision that which food they want to eat. At last, the everyday’s menu can be classified by offering time. It can be divided into four times, which is breakfast time, lunch time, afternoon tea time and dinner time. This classification can help customers to find out what kinds of food will be offered later, some of them can make a decision in advance. The food menu can provide more details about various dishes. For example, the dishes will be ranked by popularity, so it is easy for customers to find the most popular dish in our school. Besides offering the price of each dish, the mobile app would provide customers with the pictures of every dish and the feedback from the students and staff who have eaten the dish before.
Staffs of CityU canteen can use the mobile app to update the food information. They can use it to change dishes when offering time is changed. What’ more, staffs can update the…...

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