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Nearly HR Orientation Project Leadership Assessment

U10a1 Project Assignment
TS5335 – Project Leadership and Management

March 16, 2012
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Table of Contents
Abstract 3 EOLMS Project Summary 4 Project Description 4 Project Scope 4 Team Members 5 Budget 6 Schedule 7 Risks 7
Organizational Assessment 9 Leadership Aspects 9 Project Effectiveness 9 Leadership vs. Management 11 Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) and Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ) 13 Assessing using the OLA and TEQ method 14
Leadership Assessment Metrics 15 Traditional Leadership Assessment 15 Using Myers-Briggs for Leadership Assessment 15 360° Feedback Assessment 16 Approach 17
Best Practices and Measuring Success 18 Learning Development Best Practices 18 Instructional Design Best Practices 18
Measuring the Project’s Success 20 Effective Project Teams 20 Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) 20
Conclusion 22
References 24
Appendix A 26


Successful project outcomes are in large part dependent upon the leadership skills of the project manager. As project management students, we have been taught the management facets of our profession. We have learned how to produce a project’s scope, schedule, and budget. We have learned how to recognize and mitigate potential risks factors. However, leadership skills are often overshadowed by the daily grind of managing the project. We may think we are being good leaders, but are we really being effective leaders? This paper takes a look at the Employee Orientation Learning Module System (ELOMS) project and suggests some leadership assessment tools the project could be implemented. This paper speaks to the differences and similarities between management…...

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