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There are four known types of sexual dysfunctions; sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorder. The sexual dysfunction that I will be discussing is orgasmic disorder.

The first category that I will be discussing is called the female orgasmic disorder. This disorder causes women to have a difficult time achieving an orgasm, if they can achieve it at all. Some women can achieve orgasms through masturbation even though they have this disorder. Women with this disorder usually do not receive enough clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse to be able to achieve orgasm. Women may also either be trying to hard or have some type of sexual anxiety that will not allow them to achieve an orgasm. Some women will also experience premature ejaculation but most of the time they will not realize this has happened.

The second category that I will be discussing is called the male orgasmic disorder which is a little bit different from the female orgasmic disorder. Males can usually reach an orgasm but sometimes it may happen either too soon or it will take too long. Some males can still experience an orgasm through masturbation or oral sex. When males cannot achieve an orgasm they may be experiencing psychical problems such as multiple sclerosis, neurological damage, issues with drugs or alcohol, sexual guilt, performance anxiety, or anger towards that person. It is more common for men to have premature ejaculation.

There are several approaches to treating orgasmic disorder. First of all it is very important to seek treatment. So make sure you talk to your doctor about sexual issues. People with these issues can also go to sex therapy and seek help from a professional sexual therapist because they can provide different techniques and exercises that will help the person overcome the…...

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