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Emerald Quilting Company
E-Business (QRT2) Task 1
Proposal for Online Business Expansion

Emerald Quilting Company
E-Business (QRT2) Task 1
Proposal for Online Business Expansion

A1. Viability of Product The Emerald Quilting Company is located at Henderson, KY and has been in operation since 2009. This company receives the majority of its income from the sale of quilting fabrics, notions and other craft supplies that can be used for the most popular craft projects. To date the Emerald Quilting Company has only had success in a brick and mortar type business. Customers come to the building to peruse the multitude of fabrics available for purchase. Classes have also been offered and held within the business hours. The Digital Age has put a lot of pressure on current businesses to build an online presence since customers are now in touch with the internet round the clock. Since there is a growing demand for online purchasing, this business is in dire need to create its own online environment. The online environment vision would include merchandise that is featured in the retail store as well as online crafting classes. The culmination of the local retail store as well as creating an online store will greatly impact the expansion and future growth on revenue. The business has decided to place an emphasis on allowing customers to create and personalize their own fabric. A pilot run has been implemented in the local retail environment and has increased the sales by 30%. Before initiating the pilot run in the local retail environment, the Emerald Quilting Company did a study to find other competitors in their area offering the same create/print your own fabric. The study encompassed research within the Tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Within this area no other craft/fabric stores offered print your own fabric services. This current study also…...

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