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LMX 7 Questionnaire
Instructions: This questionnaire contains items that ask you to describe your relationship with either your leader or one of your subordinates. For each of the items, indicate the degree to which you think the item is true for you by circling one of the responses that appear below the item.

1. Do you know where you stand with your leader (follower) … do you usually know how satisfied your leader (follower) is with what you do? Rarely 1 Occasionally 2 Sometimes 3 Fairly often 4 Very often 5

2. How well does your leader (follower) understand your job problems and needs? Not a bit 1 A little 2 A fair amount 3 Quite a bit 4 A great deal 5

3. How well does your leader (follower) recognize your potential? Not at all 1 A little 2 Moderately 3 Mostly 4 Fully 5

4. Regardless of how much formal authority he or she has built into his or her position, what are the chances that your leader (follower) would use his or her power to help you solve problems in your work? None 1 Small 2 Moderate 3 High 4 Very high 5

5. Again, regardless of the amount of formal authority your leader (follower) has, what are the chances that he or she would “bail you out” at his or her expense? None 1 Small 2 Moderate 3 High 4 Very high 5

6. I have enough confidence in my leader (follower) that I would defend and justify his or her decision if he or she were not present to do so. Strongly Disagree 1 Strongly Agree 5

Disagree 2

Neutral 3

Agree 4

7. How would you characterize your working relationship with your leader (follower)? Extremely ineffective 1 Worse than average 2 Better than average 4 Extremely effective 5

Average 3

SOURCE: Reprinted from Leadership Quarterly, 6, G. B. Graen and M. Uhl-Bien, “Relationship-Based Approach to…...

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