Queuing Theory Based Approach to the Analysis of Sales Checkout at Montagu Spar Supermarket

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Great Zimbabwe University

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Student: Sigwadhi Teddy M149125 Research Project (HSOR 460) Proposal Presentation in partial fulfilment of BSc. 4th Year Special Honours Degree in Operations Research and Statistics Supervisor: Mr. R. Mawonike

Research Topic
 Queuing theory based approach to the analysis of sales checkout at Montagu Spar supermarket  Location: Avenues Area, Harare, Zimbabwe

Background of the study
• Zimbabwe is an important emerging country among the developing countries. • The Spar Montagu has been chosen to be the research object primarily because of its clientele which have different buying behaviors. There are a mix of customers, low to high class customers and it has been seen to provide interesting results on the busy and non busy periods. • The main purpose of this project is to study the application of queuing theory and to evaluate the parameters involved in the service unit for the sales checkout operation in Spar Montagu supermarket

Background of the study continued…
• Queuing theory is the theory of waiting lines and service provision • A mathematical model is to be developed to analyse the performance of the checking out service unit • Two parameters need to be determined from the data collected in the supermarket through the mathematical model to the service point. • One parameter is the customer arrival rate to the service point per hour • The other is the rate of service to the customer

Statement of the problem
• The waiting of the customers in the line has been the most challenging issue at supermarkets sales checkout points • The problem is to study what happens during busy and non busy periods of transactions and how many employees would have to be scheduled to minimize waiting time • On the other hand we want to study various alternatives…...

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