Race and Your Community

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Race and Your Community

Race and Your Community I am a first generation Japanese American living in Honolulu, Hawaii. My father moved to Honolulu in 1969, at a request of his company’s boss in order to oversee the trading operations of their American branch in Hawaii. My family liked Hawaii so much that they decided to relocate permanently. I was born two years later, in 1971. My parents initially thought that they were eventually going to return to Tokyo (office headquarters located there) that they insisted I get educated in Japanese, so that I can fit in with my peers upon their return. That never materialized, and after attending the private Japanese elementary school I moved to American high school. It is in high school that I started socializing and feeling more as an American, since at home I was only allowed to speak Japanese. In our class about 70% of students were Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders. According to the US Census “[e]thnic minorities account for 75 percent of Hawaii's population. Asians make up 55 percent, the largest percentage in the nation. Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders are 21 percent of the state's population” (Star-Bulletin, 2008). Based on such numbers, it is not a surprise that the majority of students were non-white. About 20% of students in my class are also third or fourth generation Japanese, who cannot speak a word of the language. Apparently their parents cannot speak it either. I was envy in the class, because I could speak fluent Japanese and they could not; even though I was born in Hawaii. Around the place where I live now the community is very multicultural, there are Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, Japanese American, Chinese and Haole (white person in Hawaiian). The community is very accepting and being Asian of Japanese descent was not an issue. I have many Hawaiian and Pacific…...

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Race and Your Community

...Race and Your Community September 4, 2009 ETH/125 How much do you know about St. Louis, Missouri? Most of us know that St. Louis is called the Gateway to the West, and the Gateway Arch is the tallest man made monument in the world. If you did not know this, then you haven't been reading your History books. St. Louis, Missouri is home to a very diverse population. You can find a mixture of races through out the city if St. Louis. It is not unusual for police to stop minorities, particularly African Americans, for unjustified reasons or merely to ask them why they are driving or walking in a certain neighborhood. In St. Louis, you are discriminated against because of your race, your gender, your age, and even by the type of car you drive. The deeper you go into St. Louis, the worse the discrimination gets. I will say that where I live, there is a small amount of discrimination. Everyone knows each other and we talk to each other, watch everyone's house when they are out of town, walk our dogs together and even have play dates with our kids. There are over 5,911,605 people living in St. Louis, Missouri. Of that number approximately 85% are Caucasian, 11.5% are African American , 0.5% are American Indian and Alaska Native American, 3.2% are Hispanic or Latino American, and 1.5% are of Asian decent. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2008). In the year 2000, there was an average of 2.48 people know to be living in the same household. Now there is no telling of how many people living...

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...Race and Your Community John Marker ETH 125 August 22, 2010 Tameka Williams-Bruce Race and Your Community I was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho, which consisted then, with a population of about 26,131 people within the community during the earlier nineteen fifties. From what I recall during these times, there were 4 ethnic groups which consisted mostly of whites, at five percent, Native American Indians at three percent, African Americans, and one percent Mexican, and Asian Americans. As I grew up and began attending kinder-garden, the only people I knew were our two white neighboring families and their children. I knew what the Indians looked like because they walked past our yard on the way to patronizing at the three bars two blocks away. I just knew they were different in skin tones and black hair and some silver. After two days of kinder-garden there were 4 Indian boys added to our class. Two of the Indian boys sat next to me trying to talk to me, but were rude and were always making noise and disrupting the class. I became close friends with them several weeks later, and we all grew up and graduated together. It wasn’t until half way through the tenth grade that I met our first Chinese, Japanese Americans that transferred from California to Idaho. For me, this was a great awakening as these new students were nothing like I was raised to believe. The Japanese American girl was distant towards all other students and teachers, so I asked my Father if he...

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...Race and Your Community Racism is an issue that people have to deal with on a daily basis. It is a topic that a lot of people do not like to address but something that we know exists. I have lived in Millbrook, Alabama, a city outside of Montgomery, Alabama for all of my life and since I can remember the racial relations have been fine. I am sure that everything is not 100 percent but we live in the same community with no problems. In this Cultural Diversity class, I learned that discrimination is not limited to just race. I learned that a person may experience discrimination because of their gender, their religion or even their choice of clothing, just to name a few. There are people in my community who look like me. I am an African American and there is a good representation of African Americans in Millbrook, Alabama. The majority race in my community is the Caucasian race and there are Hispanics represented in my community too. The Caucasian race looks different from me because of the color of their skin and the texture of their hair. The Hispanics in my community look different from me by the color of their skin, hair texture and the language that some of them speak. There is no one neighborhood that only has one race in it. There is some representation of all of the races in the majority of the neighborhoods. Although we are not the majority, we are not the minority. If you come to visit, you may be surprised at how well all the races do get......

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...Race and Your Community Keisha Bullock ETH/125 July 3, 2011 Margie Molnar Race and Your Community African Americans in my community cannot go into Arab or White owned stores without being followed around. The owners are always under the assumption that they are going to steal from them. Most of the people that live in my community are African Americans. There are a few White Americans who recently moved into the community and they appear to have no problems with living around so many African Americans. The members of my community for the most part do look like me. We all have kinky hair with dark skin, and our children of African American Parents. Our facial features resemble each other with having a round or oval shape face. There are some people in my community whom we would consider to be mixed because one parent may be African American while the other is White American. The leaders in my community treat people like me with love and respect. The leaders in my community look like me and are trying to make things better in the community for the younger generation of kids so that they have parks and community centers to be able to go to and play without having to worry about being gun down by senseless gun fire of the street gangs. I have never heard of or seem the leaders in my community treat people differently because they are not African American. They try and give just as much to them as they would anyone else. My work manuals contains information about......

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...Introduction In analysis of diversity in my community, the race relations are moderate and tolerable in my neighborhood with exceptions. In recent years diversity has expanded to increase the importance and acceptability in non-controlled environments that allows personal growth in race relations within communities. The fundamentals of exposing oneself to the particulars of race challenges provide an interesting investigation to how current experiences are now different than ten years ago. The review of my neighborhood proves the notion on how promising diversity has changed the local community. Perspectives in Race in the Community Currently living in the suburbs, the neighborhood has a 2 to 1 ratio, in which, the majority is the minority race in the community. In my immediate neighborhood, the experience with my fellow neighbors are a welcoming aspect due to the flexibility of tolerance. The diversified demographics within my community are races from different ethnicity not just black and white but Latinos, Mexicans, Jamaicans, and Japanese. The perspective in my community provides an understanding how diversity enriches the awareness of other cultural lifestyles within the context of interaction with different ethnic groups. Do members of your community look like you? In what ways do they look the same or different? The members in my community are welcoming and thoughtful by projecting respectfulness in sharing the same amenities in the neighborhood without......

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...Final Project: Race as it relates to your community What is a community? According to the dictionary, a community is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage. The community in which I live in is about equal in the amount of Hispanic, and African American residents; however, it appears to have fewer Caucasians than both Hispanics and African Americans. In this paper I will consider relations within my community, local government, schools, and workplace. I will also discuss the problems that an in-depth interview with Emmanuel King from King’s Group Home for Children (a local community children’s advocate) and my own personal accounts have made clear. Community relations within my community are positive for all the members in the areas of government, schools, and workplaces with only a few minor issues. Most members in my community do not look like me. I live in a mostly Hispanic and African American communities so most of my neighbors do not look like me. Even though my neighborhood is comprised of mostly Hispanics and African Americans, my community has a great range of Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics. The people in my community get along extremely well. When it comes to the working environments in my community everything varies. Because my community is home to the state government as well as the local government and the......

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...Race and Your Community Ethics 125 The analysis of different cultures is a very interesting thing this world is full of all kinds of people. No one is going to be exactly the same yet some a very similar. This paper will cover the impacts, differences and the effects that difference ethnic groups have on my life. The differences between ethnic groups make the world a place of challenges and variety. In my community I have to say that I do look like most of my immediate community. However I live in a part of Houston that is commonly called “the rich part of town” it is mostly a white neighborhood with very few ethnic varieties. If you look all over Houston there are many different cultures and ethnic groups, as I look across the city I have seen an abundance of Mexican Americans, as well as Asians, Indians and African Americans. These different ethnic groups tend to stay in separate regions of the city, although they are not separated by laws they tend to stay separated by choice. I feel like this is one of the only cities that I have lived in that feels very segregated. Leaders in my community often look like me, however after this past years election there now is the very first Hispanic Sherriff in Houston (Harris County Sheriff’s). I was ever excited for the different groups of Hispanics in the area, I am aware that many of these groups feel like they are underrepresented, and this was a major step in the advancement of there representation in the community. For......

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...Race and Your Community ETH/125 Race and Your Community While living in Austin, TX, I have seen the influences of each and every race as it revolves around my community. I believe the relations in my community and city have been racialized, positively and negatively. However, I do not believe these interactions have directly affected affairs in my direct neighborhood, schools, environment, clubs, and service/volunteer groups which I participate in. Even despite the fact the leader of the community’s outlook of the community and individual race is negative, the relations in my community show positive construction influences on race and the our community. “This marks the third consecutive year for Austin to appear among the three most popular places in the U.S. for Hispanics to live and work”. (http://www.austintexas.org/media/press_releases/press_release?id=16, para 1). I will analyze whether members within my community bear a resemblance to my characteristics and in the ways we look different and the same. As well as how the leaders within my community handle people who are of Hispanic culture and if they are treated differently. Also if members of my community treat individuals who are of my culture any differently than the rest of the community. Also analyze texts and work manuals to check for information by or about individuals of Hispanic culture. Also if local media embody people like me, and...

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...Race and Your Community Brandy Dunlap (Logsdon) ETH/125 October 6, 2011 Steven Zitar Race and Your Community When I look around in my community, I see people of all different races and cultures. In our community we have India, Hispanics, Blacks, Africans, White, and many more. How do we define race and diversity in our community? To start with we look at race, there are two ways of defining race one is that of an ethnical, tribal, or national stock or as any class or group, esp. of persons, considered as a class apart. Diversity is defined as essential differences or variety. In the community I live in we treat people differently, they look at a person and think oh they look different than me or you so let’s not talk to them or treat them with respect. I look at a person beyond that. I was taught that we all bleed the same color; in fact people of a different race are the same as I am. People judge people from their looks rather than what they are really like. Our community looks at other races as if they have a disease; they also look at you as if you are from another planet. Many of the people in my community get upset that many of the people from a different country get so much handed to them. According to the 2010 Census white alone is still the numerically and proportionally the largest major race in the United States. In the city that I live in white the majority of the population; with only 32.22% graduating from high school (population age of 25+). I......

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...Race and Your Community Final Project: Race and Your Community Racial and ethnic issues exist in most communities. The community in which I live, Red Wing, Minnesota, has been the immigration and relocation destination of Hispanics and African Americans over the past 10 years, and a Native American reservation is located less than 10 miles from the city. All three of these groups have contributed to Red Wing’s economy, workforce, services, and housing. I will be analyzing the influence that race has on Red Wing in terms of neighborhoods, employment, and other environments with which I am familiar. I will also be comparing myself to others in the community and examining our differences and similarities in regard to lifestyle, culture, background, and community acceptance. I will not only unveil racism and inequality within Red Wing, but I will also give examples to prove that the City of Red Wing takes these matters very seriously and is taking immediate and effective steps to both embrace diverse ethnicities and educate the community about diverse cultures in hopes to promote tolerance and acceptance. The population of Red Wing, last recorded in July, 2007 at over 15,000, is made up of 93% White Non-Hispanics, 2.6% American Indians, 1.3% African Americans, 1.3% Hispanics, 0.8% two or more races combined, and 0.5% other races. Of the 15,000 residents, 1.3% are foreign born, a low percentage compared to the 5.3% foreign born residents living in the entire state of...

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...Race and Your Community This paper is to be an autobiographical research paper on my community. Contained within this paper I am to answer certain questions posed to me. I will answer those questions in my own way. Although the answers may not be satisfactory to the requirements of this course, I will answer them honestly. I believe that many will be surprised with the answers to the questions. I tend to make people think by what I write. I will admit that the community that I will write about is not the usual community. The community that I will write about is my church community. Contained within my community are a many and diverse group of people. There is everyone from drug addicts to prostitutes, from alcoholics to homeless, from bikers to inner city youth. Then there is me. I come from an upper middle class family. We are all different. We look different, we talk different, and we act different. However, we are all the same. We are all sinners. No the others in my community do not look the same. No one looks the same. We are sinners. Within the church we are the same. It does not matter what we have done our where we come from, we are all the same within the church. Most churches that I have attended in the past the leaders have had an attitude that the "bad" people in the church are beneath them. In my church it is different. Everyone is treated as an equal. I like this treatment. I hate it when people think that anyone else is beneath......

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...Final Project: Race and your Community LaTonya Vallejo-Geoino ETH/125 July 18, 2010 Deborah Arnold In the community where I live we have so many different races. I am very proud to be a part of the African American community. I believe that we have come a long way and will continue to accomplish the dreams that our ancestors had for their children and their children’s children. We are a testament to the blood sweat and tears of the ones who came before us and though I believe we have come a long way we still have obstacles to achieve. When I look around my community I see many people who look like me. There are different races of course but in my specific community most people resemble me. I did not know when we first moved here that the area in which we were moving was predominately “black”. Had I known this I’m not sure if I would have moved here. My children are biracial and I would like to raise them in a more diversified community. One in which they are able to see people who look a lot like them or they are in a situation to which there are people who are really willing to accept them without stereotypes. From what I have always heard and have seen for myself is that people usually gravitate towards people who look more like who they identify themselves to be. According to the 2000 U.S Census report there were 188,660 people living in Columbus Georgia, 50.3% were white, 43.9% were black and Hispanics made up 4.5%. As I go to different parts of Columbus I......

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...Race and Your Community Robert Dillman ETH/125 March 8th, 2012 Sharon D. White, Ph.D. Race and Your Community There is very little racial diversity in my community. In my paper I will look at the demographics of not just the city itself, but the county in which I reside, as well as the businesses that are part of the community and the different races represented. I will explore my own personal experiences and that of a hate crime that has happened to this community. I will also include an interview with a community member involved in the community itself. I see our community as being one of a close nature. With little conflict between any certain ethnic groups, there seems to be great social cohesion within the residents of the community. The minorities that do reside here seem to blend into the community and feels little effects from racism or discrimination. My community is very small compared to many cities that surround us within a 250 mile radius. How secluded are we from the big city life? Our city only has a population of 31,894 (2010 US Census Bureau, Jan. 2012) and in the county has 39,265 (2010 US Census Bureau, Jan. 2012). I am including the Nez Perce County because it plays a big part of our community. Our community sees very little race ethnicity. Most of my community is made up of the same ethnicity as me, comprised of mostly Whites (90.1% of the population). Among the other races that inhabit the Nez Perce County are Native Americans (5.6%),......

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...Race and your Community Michelle Atoigue ETH125 Sunday Michelle Watson Race and your Community Dededo is the village located in the island of Guam. Guam is a beautiful place for vacation spot. I live in the village of Dededo. It is estimated according to the latest U.S. Census to be populated at 45,000 people which makes Dededo the largest population in the island. Where I currently live there are Filipinos, White, Chamorro Guamanians, and Micronesians, because there is difference race within the community. In the past our village has suffered different types of racism and fights (KUAM). In today’s society parents and students are getting educated about the other different types of cultures. The Mayor of the village has put together different types of activities in the community center to help understand the differences with race, culture and different lifestyle, despite what has happened in the past the people of the community are working together to make the village a safer place for our island. Before I moved to Dededo and learned about all the discrimination that this village had, the one thing that I appreciated was the respect that the village mayor had for each and every individual. I admired her way of putting things together to understand one another, However although we have some understanding of each other’s lifestyle and cultures there always would be some discrimination about one ways of living. The people in my village are mostly Filipinos. They......

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