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Role of labour and industrial laws are of paramount importance. We know that the total economy of a country greatly depends upon the industrial sector. In addition, the growth of the industrial sector involves with some major aspect. These major aspects are the local investment policy, foreign direct investment policy, labour management etc. Besides the necessary infrastructure for investment natural resources are also important and it is very clear that if all these essential elements are not available then growth of industrial sector is unfeasible. Besides all these things labour issues are also very important. Proper management of labour is an essential matter for growth of industrial sector. Timely disposal of labour disputes are also important. We see that in most of the cases the labour law disputes do not solve with in short time. So the remedy which is essential from the case becomes delayed. The labour law is very much important in Bangladesh perspective. It is highly important for the industrial development of Bangladesh. We know that labour is a most important part of an industry. So, we can not think an industry with out labour. Labour right is most essential in Bangladesh. But the labours are in ignorance about their right. They don’t know properly about labour laws and education. It is a great problem. For this reason, they retrenched by the employee. Very often, they retrenched with out any legal process.
Labour Laws in Bangladesh:
In Bangladesh 47 labour laws are now in operation. These relate to (a) wages and employment, (b) trade union & industrial disputes, (c) working environment and (d) labour administration and related matters. The main labor laws are:
Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923,Payment of Wages Act, 1936,Maternity Benefit Act, 1936,Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act, 1965,Shops & Establishments Act,…...

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...1. Why did the tragedy occur? The tragedy happened because of the poor construction materials which were found in the debris used in this building. This building was dangerous because it constructed on a pond. In addition, it needs to hold heavy machines but without any supporting walls. Before the collapsing of Rana Plaza, workers found a crack appeared in the wall of the building, and the engineer recommended that the workers be evacuated. However, supervisors had asked them to return to work due to the official claimed the building had been inspected and declared safe. Consequently, the Rana Plaza collapsed and caused a lot of people dead and wounded. 2. Who was responsible for the tragedy? I don’t think that only one entity had to be responsible for this tragedy. First, we know the expansion of the garments industry in Bangladesh so that it started to have more and more demand for the high rising buildings. Therefore, the owners of the original buildings started to change those into the factories and added extra floors which were lack of the permission, like the tragedy of Rana Plaza. I think the Bangladesh government failed to inspect the establishment of factories and understaffed to monitor the building codes. Then, the government should protect citizen rights, but the Bangladesh government failed to do this. Instead, the Bangladesh government makes people have unsafe working conditions and restrictions of labor unions. Lastly, MNC’s and factory owners should......

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