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Rating the News Sites

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Rating the News Sites
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The commentary associated with the stories are the same, but some of the reporter’s words are different such as FOX News use the word “five people” and CNN uses the words “five clergy” , FOX News also used ‘molested’ and CNN used the words “abuse victims.” Even though the story is about the same thing, the reporters’ words are different. Both stories where from interviews that the Pope had apologizing to five people who were molested as children by a priest where a march was held in London.
FOX News and CNN are both great station that covers news that happens around the world. Both companies take pride in their works and want to make sure that their viewers are interesting in the stories that they reports. Both FOX News and CNN cover the news 24-hours a day and the information from the stories they report are facts and not opinions. FOX News and CNN are well-known news medias that people all around the world depends on to keep them updated on what is going in the United States as well as other countries. In the story that FOX News and CNN reported about the Pope apologizing to the people that was molested by a priest when they were young, both news medias did tremendous interviews and provided coverage so that all the viewers on the internet and the viewers that watch it on TV could see the Pope apologizing and showing the protestors that march in Central London.
CNN reported that they would have the investigation titled “What the Pope Knew and FOX News did not release that information on their website. That was one of the differences that I noticed in the websites. CNN also seemed to have more that they had to say about the Pope apologizing to the abused victims, but FOX News had a picture of the protestors marching in London. FOX News could have provided more information and dates about the” What the Pope Knew”, which will air on September 25 and 26 at 8p.m. ET on CNN U.S. and September 25 at 7 p.m. CET and September 26 at 8 a.m. HK on CNN International. My opinion is that being that both CNN and FOX News interviewed the Pope, they both should have reported the same information. Both CNN and FOX News both news media’s told a lot about Pope Benedict and the British Parliament at Westminster Hall, the place where the Pope gave his speech. Both news medias had the same reports about the six people getting arrested and still remaining in custody because some reports that the arrests were because of threats that were made to the Pope.
FOX News and CNN both reported about the how Benedict would began his day by meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and opposition leader Harriet Harman. Both also reported the pope offered his condolences to Cameron about his father’s death. Each of the three gave the pope gift; this was only reported by FOX News. CNN reported that the pope prayed alongside the archbishop of Canterbury at the tomb of Edward the Confessor that died in 1066 and FOX News reported that the pope was schedule to visit with the elderly before celebrating evening prayer service I Hyde Park in preparation for Sunday’s beatification of Cardinal John Harry Newman, a 19th century convert from Anglicanism whom the pope wants to hold up as a model of faithful. So these two sites had a lot to report that was the same and they were a lot of information that CNN reported that FOX News did not- vice versa. Both medias covered the Pope’s apology and made sure that their viewers knew the story about the five victims being abused when they were young. Both news media introduced the facts and did not give a lot of their opinions or a lot of hear-say. They reported what the Pope said and presented it the viewers by posting it on the internet and airing it on TV for their viewers to watch. CNN and FOX News are good news media that provides interesting stories.…...

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