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A reaction paper about the movie
SUMMER DAYS WITH COO 1. Cultural Aspect (Past and Present)
The movie was about a tiny, solitary kappa marvelously survived in an earthquake over the last 200 years into modern day in Japan. Kappas are from the Edo period. Kappas do still exist in the early period wherein Japanese warriors known as Samurai headed the place. Plane fields are seen everywhere and there is still swamps in the area. Kappas are free to swim in the swamps because it is their home. There is still peace in the surroundings. They can freely do what they wanted to do without being distracted by other. It’s just unfortunate that Coo and his father encountered some drunken guys, one of which is a samurai, and then they were scared that the father of Coo heard their dark little secret. So they prefer to kill the father of Coo. Now going back to the cultural aspects, in the present time, a lot had changed. The surroundings was changed, the means of transportation, the population growth, the clothing, and many more was changed. Even the uttered words aren’t that same as to before. The place where Coo used to live before was now turned into a modern environment.

2. The use of Formal and Casual Japanese Language
The movie used formal and casual Japanese language because I have understood some of the words uttered by the characters because it was discussed to us by the instructor in school. The movie was easily understood also by the presence of the subtitle. But then, the movie is understandable by just merely reading the actions done by the characters. To be specific with where formal Japanese was used, it is when he went to other place where the little boy used a formal language because according to my research, Japanese people used formal Japanese when meeting other people they do not know.

3. Learning
I have learned a lot from this movie. First…...

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