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Ready, Set, Breathe, as You Live with Asthma; Plus Why Be in Shock When You Have Diabetes, Get the Facts

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Ready, Set, Breathe, As You Live With Asthma; Plus Why Be in Shock When You Have Diabetes, Get the Facts
Tammy Givens
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Ready, Set, Breathe, As You Live With Asthma; Plus Why Be in Shock When You Have Diabetes, Get the Facts

Asthma and diabetes are two chronic diseases that have something in common with each other. The one thing in common they have, is of that when a person has one or the other, both of the chronic diseases need medicine to help them stay alive and keep healthy. If the situation does not get taken care of right away, or is not taken care of properly, the person could die from it. Also when you are diagnosed with either disease, you can have them for the rest of your life. However, these two diseases can be contrasted with each other, since diabetes is found in the blood and Asthma is found in the lungs. You must include exercise in your daily routine not only if you have asthma, but also when you have diabetes. When you have asthma you can exercise, just not as vigorously as those without the disease. When having asthma and diabetes, it can be a lifelong process, but with the proper care, people may still live healthy and have active lives. Taking medicine for both of the diseases can prolong your life if taken the way they were prescribed. Asthma and diabetes can be particularly deadly if you do not take care of yourself after you have been diagnosed with them. When I have an asthma attack, it feels like my lungs are in a vice, gripping tighter and tighter so much to the point that I cannot breathe. A couple of times when I have had an asthma attack in the past, I was informed after the attack, that I had turned blue from the lack of oxygen. So, having my inhaler with me at all times is my life saver. Having Type Two diabetes for 20 years in my mom's case, she says that she starts to feel lightheaded and then feels like she will pass out. She then says at different times not only does she get the shakes, it also leads to her having a very bad headache. I have noticed when that does happen, she has to eat some sort of food to make her feel better. My stepfather having Type One Diabetes after 40 years, says that all these things also happen to him, but he has one more thing that he does notice when his sugar level is very low. He stated that his vision causes him to see white spots, and when that happens someone has to give him a candy bar. When that person does give him sugar, it will bring his sugar level back up to where it needs to be. If no one helps him right at that moment, he may slip into a diabetic coma and never come out of it and possibly die. When you go into the doctors to see if you have Asthma, it can be difficult for them to diagnose. You will have to tell them about things you do, or what you are around that cause you to have these symptoms. The cause of asthma is that of the airways to your lungs get inflamed in which it causes you to cough, and wheezing when you breathe. ( Donatelle, p. 424, 2011) Your chest will tighten up so much to the point where you will have a hard time breathing. Having asthma in your lungs can be very uncomfortable, particularly when you have a cold during cold season. When the seasons change, it is a very hard time for an asthmatic to breathe without their inhalers. If you do not use your inhaler, you may have to go to the hospital.
The Doctors will prescribe you certain kinds of inhalers depending how bad you have asthma. Proair is an immediate inhaler that works instantly, just in case of emergencies. Another kind of inhaler is Comivent. That inhaler can be used for your every day use to help you to breathe. Plus, if either of your inhalers does not work fast enough, your doctor may also prescribe you some steroids to help your lungs open enough so that you can breathe easier. However, working around chemicals is not safe or good for those with Asthma, because, certain chemicals have something to do with someone having an asthma attack. Therefore, when a person is working around certain chemicals, those chemicals will irritate the lungs so much that it sends a person into having an asthma attack. The more I was around the chemicals, the worse the asthma got. What would cause me to have an asthma attack, would be me using the fragrance sprays, using bleach all of the time, and some of the furniture polish sprays. I also had noticed, the more I used the fragrant powders for the carpets, the more I would have to reach for my inhaler. These are the reasons I gave up housecleaning and cleaning hotels for a living.
When you are diagnosed with diabetes, the doctors usually run a blood test. When the test shows that you do have diabetes, it means that it is in your blood. You may have had the symptoms for a while and do not realize it. If that is the case, your body may have already have had these severe damage done. Damage can be done to your eyes, nerves, kidneys, and heart. Also if you do not take control of your diabetes, you can have really poor teeth and gums. So when you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to take care of yourself more than a person without it. If you do not, you are more apt to having heart disease and a stroke. You need to pay attention to the symptom of diabetes, that way you can get in right away to get checked. The symptoms of Type One Diabetes (According to American Diabetes Association (1995-2013), “are frequent urination, unusual thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, extreme fatigue and irritability. The symptoms of Type Two are the same as Type One, plus frequent infections, blurred vision, cuts/bruises that are slow to heal, tingling/numbness in the hands/feet, recurring skin, gum, or bladder infections.” )
There are three forms of diabetes, Type One, Type Two, and Type three. Having Type One diabetes, means that you need insulin injected into your blood. As for Type Two diabetes, the doctor can give you medicine in the pill form, since your pancreas is not making enough insulin. As for getting Type Three diabetes, a person gets this when they are in their late stages of their pregnancy, and can be caused by the hormones of your pregnancy, or if your body does not make enough insulin during your pregnancy. (NIH Senior Health, n.d.). Type One and Type Two, you can get from not eating the correct diet, and not taking care of yourself at the same time. Now since that I know that both of my parents have diabetes, I know what to look for. My family and I have to make sure my stepfather has his insulin, plus his needles, and my mom is to have her pills. My stepfather has Type 1 diabetes, and he also stated that you have to watch out what kind of foods you eat, such as cake, candy, sodas and even some regular foods. He said because if you do not watch out on the amount of sugar you are putting into your body, you can put yourself into insulin shock. That can also happen if your body does not have enough sugar or too much in your blood system.
Once you are diagnosed with Diabetes and Asthma, you will have it for the rest of your life. While battling Asthma or Diabetes, it can be a hard, but manageable road, depending on how you will take care of yourself. You need to take care of yourself so that you can have a fulfilling life. So you can see that not paying attention to your eating habits, and not exercising, is a factor in getting chronic diseases. Because when you have chronic diseases, you should eat healthy, take your medicine properly when prescribed, and exercise for two main reasons. First, with the proper care you can live, but the most important thing of all, without medication you can die.


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