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To identify recruits some of the most common ways to start the recruiting process is through university and professional job fairs and the in-store kiosks submissions. Posting using various forms permits for a larger pool of candidates. For example, an advertisement with the career services department of local colleges would solicit qualified candidates. A newly college graduate would be more apt to taking initiative. He or she can be found in school or through the use of one of the in-store kiosks. The selection process is based upon the questionnaire interest forms. Wal-Mart will look for a few different key factors such as, previous experience, knowledge and skill level, familiarity with protocol, education and background. This is crucial because he or she is aware of what is required of a manager. However, for other potential applicants the selection team bases the main focus upon the answers given on the assessment test. The exercises give candidates a chance to participate in a series of individual exercises that evaluates his or her ability to perform essential functions of the targeted job.
The interview process is critical to hiring individuals. However, through the process the interview team would be able to gauge his or her potential and if they are truly the best fit for the position. Once the qualifications and experience of the applicant pool have been reviewed, screened and interviewed he or she is a potential best match for the position and are made an offer of employment.
The selected candidate have met the at least the basic requirements of the job. Although no prior experience is required, Wal-Mart is looking for professionalism and those who are eager to jump in and assist not only the customer, but fellow employees. He or she should also emphasize that all employees need to be on one accord and committed to the culture of the Wal-Mart…...

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