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Historical Report on Race
Paula Arellano
September 3, 2012
University of Phoenix

Historical Report on Race
I will be doing my report as an Historian. (“In 1952 segregation on inter-state railways was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court”) (Freedom Riders In 1954 there was a similar judgment with inter-state buses. The Deep South kept their segregation policies involving whites sitting in the front of the bus, and blacks sitting closest to the front having to give up their seats to whites. African Americans were punished if they did not abide by the transport segregation policies. They were fined and arrested. Martin Luther King JR helped organize a protest against bus segregation after Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 for not giving up her seat to a white man. This protest involved a bus boycott which involved African Americans not ride any bus unless it was integrated Martin Luther King JRs house was fire bombed he was arrested due to this protest and boycott. Anyone that was involved in this boycott was intimidated and harassed, but none of this stopped the boycott. The Montgomery bus company was forced by the Supreme Court to accept integration on their busses after the 13 month boycott. In 1961 The Congress of Racial Equality formed the Free Rides. The Freedom Riders which consist of black and white volunteers began their journey through the Deep South on May 4th, 1961 stopping at “white” only restaurants. On May 14th one of their buses was fired-bombed and the Freedom Riders were attacked by an angry mob. During the Freedom Riders travel through the South Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Jim Eastland a member of the United States Senate were in constant contact about what was going to happen when the Freedom Riders hit the Mississippi state line. They decided to avoid…...

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