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Jessica Wright
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May 15, 2012
Marybeth Nipp
Relationship: Me and My Grandmother
Every child has a strong bond or connection with their grandparents. I had a very strong relationship with my grandmother who I also considered as my mother. She took me and my other siblings in when we were first introduced into this world. I lost her last year due to CHF (congestive heart failure) on October 13, 2011. That was the saddest day of my life because I felt like I had lost my best friend. If I could explain our relationship, I would say that she taught me a lot when it came to life itself. Because she put her life on hold for her grand children, that just made the whole relationship that much stronger.
Grandparents can offer their grandchildren the greatest teachings when it comes to having values and morals because they are the older generation teaching the younger generation. I had a relationship with my grandmother for 24 years, and during that time, I was taught to be strong and wise like her in so many ways. When she used to talk to me about lessons in life, she made sure I understood because she would say “Jessica I’m not gone always be here for you and I want you to know everything you need to know about life because this can be a cold world out here”. As a young lady growing up, my grandmother made sure I had morals in life. Having respect, honesty, and a positive attitude towards people, and also having my priorities in order, and morals I still have. As I got older I realized that morals will take me a long way in life, and thanks to her I understood that.
Keeping the family together was my grandmother specialty. Now that she has passed, it seems like one side of the family is not communicating with the other side, and basically everybody sort of went their own ways. I thought we would get closer, but since my grandmother isn’t here everything just…...

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