Renting an Apartment vs Buying a Home

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Renting an Apartment versus Buying a Home
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March.20, 2011

Outline for my Essay

Why should we buy a home vs. rent an apartment? There are a lot of factors to consider for both. There are a lot of steps to finding out what you would want if you buy a home and if you rent an apartment. The factors can be overwhelming and yet very important. So the first thing you need to do is get all of the information that you are looking for and put it down on paper. Then you need to weigh the pros and cons of them. Just to make sure you understand what it is you have gain and give up for each type of dwelling and how you want to own it. You also want to look at the financial part of it as well. Make sure you can afford what you are looking for or look for what you can afford. In the end you will be able to logically decide on what to do with your dilemma. So there are many factors however there are also the benefits and what you want to be responsible for and not be responsible for. So the choice is up to you and only you can make it happen. I am just giving you the information to make an educated decision. I rented for years before my husband and I decided to buy a home. It came years after and when our daughters were elementary age. I enjoy being a homeowner however I also enjoyed renting cause of not having to worry about doing all the stuff the apartment complex had to do because I paid rent. This is just a scratch on the surface of the renting vs. buying dilemma.

I sequenced my paragraph with the most catching ideas and information to keep the reader interested. I then wanted to give some facts and then wanted to give some personal insight on the essay. To keep the reader interested in what I am writing about. I just want to have them learn what I know and use it to their knowledge. I want to make sure I put all of my…...

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