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When thinking of prestigious fast food restaurants, one of the best restaurants that come to mind is Burger King. Burger King is the world’s biggest and leading fast food restaurant chain. 2011 research shows that Burger King operates restaurants in 12,300 places serving over 11 million customers daily in 76 countries and regions worldwide. Best thing of Burger King’s is there unique flame broiled burgers. The process which burger king is using in making the mouthwatering burgers is hard for other fast food chains that fry their burgers instead. Moreover Burger King encourages and let users to customize the exclusive flame-broiled burgers with choices and so many options to their liking. This makes a healthy and strong relationship between Burger King and the user. The fast food also has the benefit of offering different items and the customer benefits by having several burger options. Burger king has expanded their menu but still they have remained true to their unique and original flame-broiled burgers. This flame-broiled gives them benefit over other fast food chains. Burger king is providing with one of the best customer service, menu selection, cleanliness, and healthy choices. If the atmosphere of a dining area is interesting, more people will want to eat there. That is one of the major reason that draw in more customers to Burger King. By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the following countries: Pakistan, India, Nigeria, South Africa and France. But now they are expanding their more and have some branches on these countries as well. In looking for new countries to enter, Burger King needs to find more countries to expand that is suitable ideally. They should go for the countries with higher populations and preferably youth and concentrations of urban activity. Local diets containing of high feasting of beef would be inspiring and encouraging because…...

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