Research Findings, Analysis and Design Opportunities(Short Paper)

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Keyur Sorathia
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Minal Jain
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Mannu Amrit
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Assam, having highest maternal deaths in India demands attention to investigate the problems and provide appropriate solutions. We present a qualitative user study conducted with ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist) and ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) in Amingaon, Kamrup District, Assam. The study aimed at investigating existing problems faced by ASHA members and ANMs', their work environment, their role in safe and healthy motherhood, relationship with pregnant women (PW) and family members, technology literacy and opportunities for Information Communication Technology (ICT) interventions to empower maternal health scenario. Two sub-centers (SC), one anganwadi center, one primary health center (PHC) and one community health center (CHC) were visited and observed. 6 one-to-one on-field interviews were conducted with ASHA members and ANMs. This paper presents research insights, findings and analysis of conducted on-field user research. It identifies problem & information gaps and proposes opportunities for technology and design interventions.

They are mostly ignorant of any government schemes or health care measures during pregnancy. We intend to identify the opportunities for design interventions in the entire system with an aim to improve maternal and child health and ensure a safe and healthy motherhood.

2. BACKGROUND 2.1 About NRHM, PHC, Sub Centre
As stated in the NRHM (2005-2012) Mission document, the National Rural Health Mission (2005-12) seeks to provide effective healthcare to rural population throughout the country with special focus on 18 states, which have weak public health indicators and/or…...

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