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ACANA Network

Vision: To ensured the smooth running of the day to day duties of the organization.
Mission: To provide services to ACANA network, and enable Acana employees better served their customers.
Strategy: Customer and clients’ relationship, and organization policy.
Few months ago, I work for the “African Culture Alliance of North-America” (ACANA), an International Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization that provides indoctrination services for all Immigrants, especially African Immigrants on many different levels of activities in an effort to give them a smooth transition into the US society. Also, there was a problem with the organization “Local Area Network” (LAN) that has developed some serious network issues such as: computers infected with viruses, non-functional applications, non-functional Operating System software, and poorly performing workstations. This affected greatly the functions of Acana; therefore, creating extreme difficulties in delivering their chartered to the community.
So, to provide the immigrants with good services; ACANA decided to refurbished its Local Area Network (LAN), redesign and implement its LAN, and rebuild the learning center to an appropriate environment to facilitate basic English and computing classes for immigrants. This change was implemented to revitalized ACANA network.
Learning Center Site survey Pictures

Completed Learning Center

Other Services
ACANA management incremental innovation provided other services to its employees such as: internet access, network security, training, document sharing, with quality of service.
Also, they rectify other network problems, and ensured the smooth running of the day to day duties of the organization, by creating a good customer and client’s relationship. Moreover, services were provided to enhanced ACANA computer network, by reinstalling, and reconfiguring…...

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