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Residential Homes for the Elderly

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It is time that Brunei considered setting up residential homes for the elderly. How far do you agree/disagree with this statement?

The ageing population is growing in number as a country develops and its standard of living increases. Countries such as Japan, is which has a high standard of living showing the population aged 65 years and above are at a steady 22.9% (CIA, 2011). Brunei, as a developed nation also is experiencing ageing population and is expected to rise in the coming years. The main reason for the rise is due to the high standard of living and a proper diet with a better medical facility. As a result of this, Brunei is facing several problems and is trying to tackle the problems. In this essay, I will discuss the problems faced by Brunei as a result of its ageing population and explain the alternative solutions for the ageing people.

One of the problems that ageing causes is causing a burden to the economy of Brunei. This is because elders do not serve the government any longer and do not benefit Brunei’s economy but is provided with several medical benefits and other incentives. This is considered as a ‘burden to the country’. Furthermore, the elderly are provided with free medical facilities, as well as pensions. For example, medical facilities include, Renal Departments, more doctors for the Cardiology Department and other old age related diseases. Another problem of ageing population is related to the society where the elders are often neglected when they are no longer working as people surrounding them become very busy with life that forces them to isolate their parents or grandparents. In other words, it is very important for Brunei to take relevant actions to reduce these problems.

Residential homes are suggested by governments to solve the problem of the isolated or neglected elders. In order…...

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