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The construction industry can be divided into four main areas.
Dealing with the construction, maintenance and adaptation of buildings such
As office blocks, industrial buildings, shopping centres, schools, hospitals,
Houses etc
Civil Engineering
Concerning the construction and maintenance of roads, railways, bridges,
Airports, docks and sewers
Mechanical Engineering
Dealing with installation, commissioning and maintenance of lifts, escalators,
Heating, ventilation, refrigeration, sprinkler systems and plumbing systems
Electrical Engineering
Concerned with the installation, commissioning and maintenance of various
Electrical and electronic devises
There are a variety of specific job functions within the above areas, giving
Employment to over one million people, both men and women.
Approximately 60% of the work carried out in the industry is new construction
And about 40% is maintenance, refurbishment and renovation. Of this 40%,
About 37% is housing and the remaining 63% will be other work.
The construction industry is a major employer with companies varying in size
Between one or two employees up to six hundred plus. There are approximately
75,000 contractors employing two or more people and, although there are a
Large number of large companies, about 92% employs fewer than twenty five.

Small Companies: 3employ 1 – 7 people
Medium Companies:
Employ 8 – 599 people
Large Companies:
Employ 600+ people

The Building Team
The construction industry can be divided into four distinct areas:
Building Crafts
Building Operatives

Designs and supervises the production of all the drawings and the construction
Of the building
May be a civil engineer (concerned with earth moving, roads, sewers etc) or
Structural engineer (concerned with the structural stability) or…...

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