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Time is the great equalizer. Regardless of age, status, gender or race, all of us are only given twenty-four hours each day to live. It is our responsibility to be productive in our days. We need to accomplish more within that short period of time. Yet, as humans, we often err. We succumb to different distractions that keep us from running at full pace. We bear too many responsibilities on our shoulders. We even procrastinate and overextend our limits. Sometimes, it seems that we experience a “time famine”. But in reality, we have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Helen Keller, and all the other great men. If they were able to create masterpieces and move the world, then why can’t we?
Responsibility overload is simply explained as being burdened by too many responsibilities and commitments. It may be in the form of an overbooked schedule or a greater number of responsibilities than one person can reasonably handle. In reality, responsibility overload is also equal to lack of time management. Managing our time wisely is not a mystery, but it is indeed an ability that all of us must learn.
What is amiss with our time management skills? Why do we experience the problem of responsibility overload? Upon assessment of this matter, reasons such as lack of balance in life, deficiency of organization, and procrastination emerge. These are more commonly referred to as time management mistakes. Therefore, we must vigilantly avoid these errors in order to be more productive in life. As children, our only concerns were studying and playing. Balancing time was definitely not an issue worth merit then. Growing up, we realize that we live in a fast-paced, complex, and highly technological society. Now, a sundry of factors make up the formula of our lives. Not only do we have to excel as students,…...

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