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Mohamad al shamali grade 12IP In the present world, women are no less than men. They are into every field where we think only men are capable of it and they are bagging top notch positions in almost all the sectors and have proved their efficient leadership from all extremes.
According to Debra Burrell, a psychological social worker and regional training director of the Mars-Venus Institute in New York, most women of women managers tend to have more of a desire to build than a desire to win and also women are more willing to explore compromise and seek other people's opinions.

First of all, it is a disputable fact that the professional abilities are determined by the skills, fluency working and experiences rather than the difference of genders. This could be exemplified by the fact that in earlier time, a range of jobs namely cooker, ballet dancer and nurse are considered as womanish jobs. However, this thought has been changed since a gradual increase in male have been seen doing these jobs over the past few decades. Thus, this make it clear why the effective working are depended on the skillful possession instead of their genders.

Further and more importantly, though, the characteristic of male and female can be simply different in some aspects but not in the term of profession. One particular salient of this is the world renowned Marissa Mayer – the president and CEO of Yahoo who is ranked number 14 on the list of Americans’ powerful businesswomen. Hence, not only men can be successful in the field of economy, numerous women also achieved the affluent in business which is required many necessary abilities such as a clever mind, communicative skill and creative thinking. From this, it becomes quite evident that individuals have their own potential for greatness in variety careers that do not relate in whether they are male or female.

By the way of conclusion, people in fact have their personalities and capacities and they probably can adopt in different types of careers. Thus, it is clearly why the idea of some careers can be done effectively depending on the genders cannot be supported. In the years to come, I suppose that jobs would not be distinct or comparative because of the genders.…...

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