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Americans in the work field are faced with a lot of challenges when it comes to saving for retirement. You don’t want to be too cautious (relying on just treasury bills that have barely kept up with inflation the last 70 years being an extreme example.) You don’t want to put too much weight into your stocks making your portfolio too risky and possibly jeopardizing your earnings and prolonging your retirement date. Your ability and willingness to take risk directly relates to your expected returns. A lot of factors go into your ability to generate returns through mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

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Your age also plays a role in how you will invest for your retirement. The older you are and the closer you are to retirement, your tolerance for risk in your portfolio will go down. When you are close to retirement, the last thing you can afford is losing your savings. If you are younger and are many years away from retirement you will be more inclined to put more weight into stocks because if the market takes a downturn you have more time to recover your losses. Whether you are employed or not determines your willingness to take risk in terms of your ability to replace financial losses that may occur with your active income. Also an often overlooked factor that comes with investing for retirement is your psychological ability to tolerate the stress of a serious downturn in the market.

Getting Started:

A good starting point for employees in the work force saving for retirement and investing for retirement starts with setting up a 401(k) through their employer. By doing this, your savings are invested through corporations like Fidelity in various stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to generate returns for you. As an investor you have different “paths”…...

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Saving’s a file move error). g. Here’s what the contents of VSPROJECTS looks-like with just the one code solution saved: h. And…here’s what the sub-folder should look-like. There should be a folder and a .SLN (solution) file. Other files may exist. See the image below: i. If I drill-down further, into the sub-folder, I should see the image below. There are at least THREE MORE SUBFOLDERS WITH SUBFOLDERS BELOW THOSE…THERE ARE .CS FILES (C# FILES), AND A PROJECT (CSPROJ) file. If this stuff isn’t there, you’re messing-up big time. Stop and re-do all the above steps. j. This has to be done deliberately, consciously, carefully, and without distractions. You’ve got to focus on what you’re doing and where you’re saving things, or you’re just wasting your time. This is the key, as I explained first up, to ensuring project success. 1. TO ZIP a project, I want you to COPY that project from your VSPROJECTS folder on your desktop and put the project RIGHT on your desktop. 2. Right mouse click over the project, and press the Send To…>Compressed Folder. 3. A compressed folder of the same project name will be on your desktop. 4. This is what you upload for grading, etc. 5. Delete the ZIP folder and the extra project folder from your desktop (the folder you copied from Step 1. above…NOT the project folder in your VSPROJECTS folder, because THAT project folder is your permanent project). 6. I’ll go over this in class and we’ll......

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