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David Jones Limited or David Jones is a high-end Australian Department store chain. David Jones was first founded in 1838 by David Jones, it currently has 38 stores located in almost all Australian States and Territories. The main competitor for David Jones is Myers.

David Jones is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with an ASX code of DJS. David Jones are actually

Strategic Business Units

The SBU can be defined as a fully functional and distinct unit of the business that develops their own strategic vision and direction. The SBU for David Jones that will be the focus of this analysis will be clothing and more precise towards menswear. David Jones excel in selling branded products they are known for having most of the International brands such as Hugo Boss, Jack London, Fred Perry, Belly, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Armani Jeans and so on.

Situation Analysis

Internal Environment

The Internal environment will discuss the marketing mix and the 4Ps of DJ’s Menswear.
1. Product
a. Consumers that come to David Jones would like to search for products that are considered to be hard to find, in terms of brands. It also provides services to other companies or clothing lines to sell their products at David Jones. The customers will experience more brands that they can find in a store and also international brands that do not set up their stores in a local area. In the start of 2014, DJ has introduced approximately 100 new National and International Brands
2. Place
a. Consumers are able to find David Jones’ Stores almost everywhere, they currently have 38 stores in the whole of Australia. If focusing on Victoria itself, they have 7 big stores, which are located at the most appropriate suburbs. Consumers are also able to get DJ’s products through online shopping.
3. Price
a. According to the company’s released…...

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