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Global Leadership for Timeless Service
In the present Generation Y/Millennials, there are many sustainable and innovative strategies that today’s leaders utilize to attract, develop and inspire talent for the 21st Century. Based on my leadership experience in this generation, some of these strategies include being tech-savvy, family-centric, achievement oriented, team oriented, attention craving. It is also extremely important to involve social networks as much as possible.
As an individual of Generation Y, I can attest to the fact that we grew up with technology and rely on it to perform our jobs better. With BlackBerrys, iPhones, Androids, laptops, video games, and so much more, we are occupied by technology for the majority of our lives. We also prefer to communicate through e-mail and text messaging, rather than face to face contact. In addition, most of us would much rather learn via webinars and online technology as opposed to traditional lecture-based classes and presentations. As a leader of this generation, I can affect others by steering them away from this mindset, and back to the way things used to be.
The fast-track lifestyle of Generation Y has lost much appeal for family-oriented lifestyles. We as a generation are more willing to trade technology and other things in for traditional family time. Older generations view these actions as lacking commitment, but we view them as having a different vision of workplace and technological expectations. We also tend to prioritize work over family. To start a movement away from these types of behavior, I can use my leadership qualities to encourage others to become more family-centric.
On a more optimistic note, this generation is highly achievement-oriented. We are pampered and nurtured by our parents and other influential individuals who do not want us to make the same mistakes as they did. We are also a…...

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