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Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty food store based in San Diego, California with its three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Kudler Fine food prides itself on offering fresh and organic products that are carefully selected from local farmers and around the world. The organization has recently taken the initiative to start a Frequent Shopper Program to market and increase sales. This program will offer the customers a new way to redeem products by accumulating loyalty points.

Statement of Scope and Goals:

The functions for the project development of the Frequent Shopper Program include tracking the customer’s purchase behavior, in which the customer’s interest and product purchases are analyzed. This type of marketing research will provide all the stores an analysis with the insights of what the customers like to buy, their favorite brands, and whether some customers prefer vegetarian products. The goal is to refine the process and provide product recommendations to each store. Each store will have personalized recommendations to compliment the consumer. In addition, it will offer the best products available and satisfy the customers to keep them coming back and possible gaining new customers. It will also give the company an idea of product trends since some consumers tend to change their product interest and others remain unchanged. The second function is partnering with a third party loyalty points program, which is an effective marketing process that rewards loyal customers and encourage loyalty. Different from other food stores that give the customers a discount, this loyalty point program will give the customer the chance to redeem the points by providing airline upgrades, high end gift items, and some specialty…...

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