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Ignore the crowd. Fairholme Ignore the crowd.

This presentation uses Sears Holdings Corporation (“Sears” or the “Company”) as a case study to illustrate Fairholme Capital Management’s investment strategy for the Fairholme Fund. In the pages that follow, we show Fairholme Fund shareholders why we “Ignore the crowd” with regard to our portfolio positions that are currently out of favor in the market. However, nothing in this presentation should be taken as a recommendation to anyone to buy, hold, or sell certain securities or any other investment mentioned herein. Our opinion of a company’s prospects should not be considered a guarantee of future events. Investors are reminded that there can be no assurance that past performance will continue, and that a mutual fund’s current and future portfolio holdings always are subject to risk. As with all mutual funds, investing in the Fairholme Fund involves risk including potential loss of principal. Opinions expressed are those of the author and/or Fairholme Capital Management, L.L.C. and should not be considered a forecast of future events, a guarantee of future results, nor investment advice. The Fairholme Fund’s holdings and sector weightings are subject to change. As of May 31, 2012, Sears securities comprised 10% of the Fairholme Fund’s total net assets. The Fairholme Fund’s portfolio holdings are generally disclosed as required by law or regulation on a quarterly basis through reports to shareholders or filings with the SEC within 60 days after quarter end. A complete list of the Fairholme Fund’s top ten holdings is available on our website at The Fairholme Fund is non‐diversified, which means that it invests in a smaller number of securities when compared to more diversified funds. Therefore, the Fairholme Fund is exposed to greater individual security volatility…...

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...Sears is a mid-range department store chain of America. It sells clothing, shoes, furniture, jewelry, books and so on. Sears story is about how Sears manage their business successfully. Sears success is based on its smart response to the changing market and its wise adjustments because of the need for expansion. One of the main achievements Sears made is that Sears invented mail-order plant for reaching its first target consumer group: the farmer. Mail-order method is still used by a lot of companies now and it is improved a lot. These companies have the warehouses locally, the orders will be automatically chosen from the warehouse that’s close to customers, which is very efficient. Another move I’d like to talk about Sears is the change of target consumer. In the mid-twenties, Sears switched its target focus from “only the farmer” to “both the farmer and city population”. The reason is that the low-income groups desired to buy the same goods as the middle and upper class. The country was becoming one big homogeneous market. And Sears noticed the trend and was aware of the consumer shopping habits, so they made changes accordingly. This strategy made me think of Starbucks in China. The consumer of Starbucks in America is almost for everyone, but in China, the target consumer is mostly for the wealthy upper and middle class. College students won’t pay 30 yuan for a cup of coffee because they can buy 6 bottles of CocaCola instead. Starbucks was really smart when they......

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...Sears Chairman Edward Lambert Edward Lambert is the chairman of Sears Holding Corporation (SHLD). He is known as the Steven Jobs of the investing world. He thinks differently, acts differently, and achieves extraordinary results. Lambert was thought to be crazy when he decided to invest Kmart which was on the verge of chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lambert is a man that sees things as a bigger picture. When he decided to invest in Kmart he knew he wasn’t taking a risk. “Kmart’s bankruptcy is avoidable” he said Edward Lambert is a person who tends to centralize authority and derive power from his position. Those are characteristics of an autocratic leader. Lambert is known for his prickly personality and hands on management style. This shows that Lambert is a directive leader. He likes telling his subordinates what they are supposed to do. Those characteristics are also the same as a leadership called the telling style. Lambert likes to control his subordinates by initiating structure and style. Lambert is also a Micromanager. He has a high concern for tasks and a low concern for people and relationship. This is a part of the reason why sears is in its current crisis. As an independent thinker Lambert has made decisions off his own beliefs. Lambert wants things to go the way he planned it in his mind. If it doesn’t, it’s wrong. He is a person willing to stand a part, state his opinion, and say what he thinks based on his own personal beliefs. This has also contributed to the down...

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