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When paradigm shifts take place, we see things from a different perspective as we focus on different aspects within our lives. In regards to the work environment, shifting paradigms can directly impact the quality of the products and services. I used to believe that a successful management system breeds a consistent result. However, working for a huge company like AT&T, shifts in management styles can oftentimes yield varying results. AT&T has a reputation of being ahead of the game in regards to technology and the wave of the future. So one would think that “working on the inside” of the business I would be on top of the leading technology. I can heartily say “NOT” due to economic changes that AT&T has endured over the 16+ years that I have been employed by them.

The first critical aspect of paradigm shift in an organization is making changes to the culture. When I first started working for AT&T I came into a business that was essentially operated solely by the service of humans. Automation was not quite as intricate as it is today so placing a long distance, calling card or collect call required the aid of a human operator to complete. The culture at the time was people oriented and employees really took the time to service customers and oftentimes put their heart and soul into making the business successful by developing initiatives that were filtered from bottom up. Suggestions and process improvement was encouraged directly from the employees that answered customer calls. Operators at the time were encouraged to assist customers in need, offer refunds, give guidance and assistance when needed and just really be a voice of service to customers. The AT&T operator was the voice of that every customer was able to hear and reach regardless of what time of day it was or what type of assistance needed. A paradigm shift towards automation created a…...

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