Should I Be a Racist

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April 21, 2013

Should I be a Racist?

Look at that niggar run! A phrase said many times in my younger years during professional football, basketball, and even baseball games. As my step-father would sit in his chair watching sports, mainly on Sundays, there would be the loud yelling of racial slur against the African American race. Words that were spoken didn’t faze any of the family members that either lived in the house or were visiting. It was a normal thing in the area in which I grew up. From as far back as I can remember I was taught that if you were white you weren’t right sort of speak. The people that are on welfare, in gangs, killed, robbed stores or rapped were black. The only race that was negatively talked about was the black race. I never really knew why and didn’t ever question it.
I remember taking a trip to Florida when I was a junior in high school to see my sister and being raised like I was made it very difficult for me to enjoy my trip because there were those bad men. A story comes to mind from this trip that had me so scared. We had just gotten to Bradenton, FL and my step-father had gotten lost. Of course back then there weren’t cell phones so my step-father pulled into a gas station and told me to call my sister on the pay phone. I went to get out and every person at the gas station was black. Now remembering everything that I had been taught up to this time I was scared that something was going to happen to me. I walked very quickly to the phone booth and slammed the door shut called my sister, almost in tears, and got the directions. Walked very quickly back to the car and got in as fast as I could. My step-father looked at me and said, “did you see the way those niggars looked at you? Like a piece of meat?” I said, “No, I was too scared so I called my sister here are the…...

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