Should Married Gay Veterans Receive Equal Benefits?

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Should married gay Veterans receive equal benefits?
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August, 5, 2014

Kealakai Peña

Marriage is a right protected by the United States Constitution. The Fourteenth Amendment allows American citizens entitlement to life, liberty, property, and equal protection under the law. By denying gay couples the right of marriage, laws that ban gay marriage also deny them these constitutional rights. These laws would deny gay couples the right to life and liberty by denying them the lifestyle that they want to live. It would deny them property by banning them from jointly owning property together as a married couple. Finally, it denies them equal protection under the law by stopping them from entering into a partnership based solely on their sexual orientation.
The Fourteenth Amendment allows all citizens of the US the entitlement to life, liberty, property, and equal protection under the law. The sole right of marriage is protected under the United States Constitution. Denying same-sex married veterans would be denying their right to life and liberty. This denies them property by banning them from jointly owning property together as a married couple.
A prime example of denying benefits to married gay veterans would be when the Wilkinson’s required a $175,000 bank loan from the Veterans Affairs, a department that provides to active-duty members and veterans. When the 32-year-old veteran was single, he was qualified for a $200,000 in loan guarantees, but when he got married the VA would only give back half of what he qualified for. “They are actually penalizing me for getting married,” Wilkinson said. His rights have just been denied to him.

The VA does not recognize married same-sex couples unless they live in or have lived in a state that does recognize same-sex marriage during the time of…...

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