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Should Zoos Exist?

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Where do you find a variety of different animals from all over the world in one place? A place where almost everyone has been when they were young. A zoo keeps many animals in a confined space, but should zoos exist? No, I don’t think zoos should exist because the animals aren’t there for education purposes, the zoos aren’t actually doing what they’re claiming to and the artificial habitat is really nothing like their original one. Would animals like being in a zoo? I don’t think so.

Zoos claim to display or give educational opportunities, but most visitors only spend a few minutes at each enclosure, looking for entertainment rather than awareness. Most zoo enclosures are small, and instead of understanding the animals usual habits, signs often provide no more information than an animal’s species, diet, history and natural habitats. Animals are cramped together, lack privacy, and have small chances for physical exercise. These conditions usually result in abnormal and suicidal behaviour, known as “zoochosis.” How many people who go to the zoo actually take the time to go and read everything on a sign? Most people just go to the zoo to look at animals and if they don’t do anything “interesting” they move along to the next display hoping for “interesting” things to happen.

Though the zoos say that they are helping save near extinct species, why aren’t they trying to preserve the animals’ natural habitat? In fact the zoo itself might be the one responsible for the extinction of a certain species because a zoo needs lots of space to house a lot of animals, so it might be destroying the animal’s natural habitat to build a zoo. In fact most of the animals are not injured, or near the brink of extinction but they are captured from wildlife and put into a zoo for entertainment purposes and an act as a tourist attraction. E.g. the two pandas Da Mao and Er Shun that…...

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