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In 1936 John Sather grocery shop burned, after that he began to distribute cookies in bulk around Round Lake, Minnesota. As time passed by, his son Kenneth joined the business and implements value buying with packages of cookies and candies such as almond barks of four packages for $1.00 and distributed to five counties. Besides cookies and candies, Sathers expended their production lines to nut productions in 1960’s.

By the early 1960’s, Sathers convinced to get business by distributing cookies and candies products to Kmart grocery shops which cost two bags of $1.00. This established Sathers original ‘TWO for ONE’. Through Kmart groceries distributions, Sathers candies distributed nationwide by 1972.

In early 1990s, Sathers owned nut and candy manufacturing plants in Hopkins and New Orleans respectively and film printing manufacturing company which was based in Rogers, thus increased their packaging capabilities. At this time, Sather employed approximately 1500 manpower, at all manufacturing and distribution centre’s. In 1992, robotic facilities were introduced in manufacturing sector to systematic operation until palletization.

Sathers centralize their operation centre in Round Lake, in order to monitor manufacturing plants, distribution centers and printing plant systematically. The systematic managements and computerized system enable telemarketing tracking, monitoring, account and also recording more efficiently whenever the distribution centers running out of stocks with trucking fleets running efficient 100 percents.

Introduction of Snacks to Go product into market had not been encouraging as company targeted. The marketing plan was not well planned for consumer market.

Company Mission – 21st Century
Continue to develop our position in natural snacks, cookies and nuts products, but we will dominantly be a candy…...

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