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COMACO is a non-profit business that reduces human hunger and poverty while saving wild animals and ecosystems in Zambia.

Management and Business Description:

Dale Lewis founded Comaco alter years of little progress as a conservationist, trying to stop wildlife poaching in remote parts of Zambia. He realized that people poach, as they did not have other means to sustain themselves with small plots and no markets for their crops. He started Comaco to make farming profitable enough to take pressure off wildlife.

COMACO targets the least skilled farmers who rely on natural resources, often destructively, as a way of coping with food and income shortages.

COMACO trains farmers in “conservation farming” (no poaching burning, or clearing) and buys their produce, creates value added products, and from the sale of these products,

COMACO offers financial incentives to build farmer commitment to conservation. Under the “it’s Wild!” brand, rice, peanut butter, and honey are sold in the major retail chains across Zambia – Shoprite, SPAR, and Pick&Pay. COMACO´s goal is to sell 90% of its products through these stores.

In addition to training, members receive farm implements and seed inputs to jumpstart their conservation farming. Members who receive seeds, agree that they will return seeds to help support more farmers the next Seaton.

Progress so far:

COMACO has been expanding in the Western side of the Luangwa Valley, in response to high levels of poaching and forest destruction. New farmer producer groups were established, and the number of registered farmers is 47,473 – a 36% increase over the 2010/11 fiscal year.

COMACO increased purchases of commodities to 4,483 tons, thereby injecting
Sales of Its Wild! products increased by 23% to US$1,607,317.

In response to the increasing demand, COMACO has made investments…...

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