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SOLAR CHARGERS: 1. SOLAR CHARGER - this page - using a ZTX 851 transistor
2. Solar Light
3. Power Supply 5v Solar - Circuit 1
4. Power Supply 5v Solar - Circuit 2
5. Solar Charger - Push Pull circuit

Some products are not yet available for 12v operation but inverters are available from 100watts to 4kw. The aim of this project is to cater for the other end of the range. We are looking at charging a 12v battery, using the cheapest set of solar cells and the cheapest inverter. This also means the cheapest 12v battery - a 1amphr (1AHr) gell cell or 6v cells salvaged from old analogue mobiles! THE PROBLEM
The problem with charging a battery from a solar panel is the SUN! It doesn't shine all the time and clouds get in the way! Our eyes adjust to the variations in the strength of the sun but a solar panel behaves differently.
As soon as the sun loses its intensity, the output from a solar panel drops enormously. No only does the output current fall, but the output voltage also decreases.
Many of the solar panels drop to below the 13.6v needed to charge a 12v battery and as soon as this occurs, the charging current drops to ZERO. This means they become useless as soon as the brightness of the sun goes away.
Our project cannot work miracles but it will convert voltages as low as 3.5v into 13.6v and keep delivering a current to the battery. Obviously the current will be much lower than the maximum, when the sun "half-shines" but the inverter will take advantage of all those hours of half-sun.
At least you know it will be doing its best ALL THE TIME.
The other advantage of the inverter is the cost of the panel. You don't have to buy a 12v panel. Almost any panel or set of solar cells will be suitable. You can even use a faulty 12v panel. Sometimes a 12v panel becomes damaged or cracked due to sun,…...

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The earth receives about 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter. In one second the sun produces energy to meet the current needs of the entire Earth for 500,000 years. Solar energy used to photosynthesis. 99.99% of solar radiation goes to waste. Solar energy will never run out and it is very abundant and clean.
 Solar energy has been used by humans for thousands of years.   For example, ancient cultures used energy from the sun to keep warm by starting fires with it.   They also kept their homes warm through passive solar energy designs.   Buildings were designed so that walls and floors collected solar heat during the day that was released at night to keep them warm.   If you have ever stood in the sun to get warm then you too have utilized solar thermal energy.

 The discovery of photovoltaic happened in 1839 when the French physicist Edmond Becquerel first showed photovoltaic activity.   Edmond had found that electrical current in certain materials could be increased when exposed to light.   66 years later, in 1905, we gained an understanding of Edmonds' work when the famous physicist Albert Einstein clearly described the......

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