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Chapter 5 1- You want to find the time value of the annuity below at end of year 3 (t=3). What should you calculate? A) PV of a 4 year annuity due B) FV of a 4 year annuity due C) FV of a 3 year annuity due D) FV of a 4 year ordinary annuity E) FV of a 3 year ordinary annuity






2- Moe is looking at an annuity that makes five $10,000 payments with the first annuity payment occurring 11 years from today. What is the present value of this annuity if Moe’s interest rate is 9% compounded annually? A) 16,430.30 B) 13,558.23 C) 15,987.86 D) 12,897.67 E) 17,987.89 3- You want to buy a car, and a local bank will lend you $30,000. The loan would be fully amortized over 5 years (60 months) and the nominal interest rate would be 12% with interest paid monthly. What would be the monthly loan payment? Assume payments start next period A) 430.89 B) 520.89 C) 667.33 D) 444.89 E) 430.89 4- Your sister turned 30 today and she is planning to save $4000 per year for retirement with the first deposit to be made one year from today (her last deposit will be made at age 60). She will invest in a mutual fund, which she expects to provide a return of 10% per year. She plans to retire 30 years from today, when she turns 60, and she expects to live for 30 years after retirement, to age 90. Under these assumptions, how much can she spend in each year after she retires? Her first withdrawal will be made at the end of her first retirement year (she will also make her last withdrawal at age 90). A) 67,900 B) 65,779 C) 72,500

D) 75,689 E) 69,798 5- Karen and Keith have a $500,000, 30 year (360 month) mortgage. The mortgage has 7.2% nominal annual interest rate. Mortgage payments are made at the end of each month. What is the monthly payment on the mortgage? A) 1,245.87 B) 3,393.94 C) 5,267.67 D) 9,870.45 E) 7,890.67

6- Terry Austin is 30 years old and is saving for…...

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...Memorandum Literature Review: Before a recommendation can be made, it is important to understand the different factors that play a role in your situation. One of the first aspects we analyzed was cost behavior, which is how a specific cost reacts to change in activity levels. We also accounted for relevant costs.  These costs eliminate any unnecessary data that has the potential to complicate the decision-making process for management. Data Analysis: Craddock Cup generates total revenue of $49,840 for 32 teams from registration fees, T-shirts, concessions, soccer clinic, and contributions. It is currently incurring a total expense of $53,538. However, the total irrelevant cost of $3,400 decreases the total expense, which includes the city field rental for $1,200 Rivaldo’s salary of $6,300, and rent expense of $2,700, these costs will be incurred whether CYSL drops or keeps the Craddock cup. As a result, Craddock Cup generates an incremental profit of $6,502. Craddock Cup will generate an additional $10,132 by adding 32 more teams to the tournament. Most sources of revenues will double except for contributions for a total of $85,680. Relevant expenses such as registration with state YSL, hotels, face book, marketing and advertising, and salary remain unchanged. These costs remain unchanged due to recruiters’ interest in only High School teams, and no further plans for marketing and advertising, and no salary increase. However, relevant variable expenses double as...

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...June 26, 2013 THE CRADDOCK CUP Maggie Leddy Northeastern University College of Business Administration Financial Reporting and Managerial Decision-Making ACC6200 – M/W 7:30 – 9:30 --- 470 DG After careful consideration and analysis of this case, I have determined that there is a way for the Craddock Cup to generate enough money annually for the Craddock Youth Soccer League to reach their field-acquisition goal. The first step would be to revise the overhead-expense allocations. Because Rivaldo is employed by CYSL full-time with a fixed salary, it would be benefitial for the tournament if none of it is allocated to the Craddock Cup. This is also true for the Rent and utilities. The league will be renting 10 soccer fields from the city for 40 weeks regardless of whether or not the tournament occurs so there none of those expenses need to be allocated to the Craddock Cup. 100% of Renee Jansten’s salary will continue to be allocated to the Craddock Cup. With the revised overhead-expense allocations, the Craddock Cup will be able to generate a profit of about $5,302 a year if all other expenses and revenues remain stable. (Exhibit 1). I have determined that expanding the tournament will generate a profit. With an increase in $1,000 for advertising, 15 more college recruiters, and 20 additional face books, I calculated that the profit for adding 32 more teams to the tournament would be close to $13,000...

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... The purpose of this case is to illustrate the importance of understanding cost behavior in calculating the profit/contribution of the Craddock Cup. Within this context, the case asks whether the tournament should be continued, expanded or dropped. In addition, the case provides a vehicle to discuss allocation procedures and the concept of sunk costs. Finally, the case furnishes an opportunity to develop cost-volume-profit analysis within the context of relevant costs and revenues. Questions: 1. In determining whether to keep or drop the Craddock Cup, review in detail the overhead expense allocations currently used by the CYSL. Should the overhead allocations be revised, eliminated or retained? What are the financial results to the profit/loss to CYSL of the existing (32 team) Craddock Cup with any adjustments to allocations? With this analysis, should the Craddock Cup be retained? *Please see Figure 1.1 in Appendix for profit statement and relevant figures. After looking at the numbers we decided to eliminate Rivaldo’s salary, we determined that the overhead expense allocations currently in place are not appropriate. The city field rent should be eliminated from the allocated costs as the soccer league will be renting the field regardless of whether or not the Craddock Cup occurs; it is a sunk cost. This also applies to the CYSL office rent and utilities, which will be used by the employees whether or not the tournament is held. We needed to revise the salary......

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...Accounting 835 Advanced Management Accounting The Craddock Cup Prepared by: Trevor Swim February 11, 2015 “On my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work.” Introduction Jose Rivaldo the general manager of the Craddock Youth Soccer League (CYSL) is committed to providing high quality soccer activities to youth in his surrounding area. Not only is he the manager of CYSL, but he is heavily involved with the planning of a regional soccer tournament called, The Craddock Cup. The tournament usually attracts 32 premier girls and boys soccer teams. Although players and their families have considered the tournament a great success, Rivaldo believes the tournament is beginning to lose money. Issues As a consultant after reviewing the estimates and preparing the outcomes of the different events that the board has mentioned, here are the issues that need to be analyzed. 1. Recalculation of allocated over-head expense that is directed towards the Craddock Cup. 2. Calculation of the expected financial impact of adding 32 more teams to the tournament. 3. Determining the break-even amount for registration fees that would have to be charged for the increase in teams, advertising expense, college recruiters and face books. Issue #1 In determining whether or not to keep the Craddock Cup, I have reviewed the profit statement that you have constructed and have found a few discrepancies that I would like to......

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...the exclusive use of Y. Zou, 2016. UV1710 Rev. June 17, 2009 THE CRADDOCK CUP Jose Rivaldo shuffled through the papers on his desk and sighed. As the general manager of the Craddock Youth Soccer League (CYSL), Rivaldo was committed to providing highquality soccer activities to boys and girls in the area. In addition to managing regular CYSL operations, Rivaldo was heavily involved in putting on a regional soccer tournament, the Craddock Cup, which brought approximately 32 premier high school soccer teams from throughout the region each May. This year’s tournament, like its predecessors, had been considered a great success by players, their families, and the local community. The weather had been beautiful, the referees had been fair, and the local hotels and restaurants had profited from the influx of people. Nevertheless, Rivaldo knew that the Craddock Cup was in trouble. Tournament expenses continued to rise, while corporate sponsorships remained difficult to obtain. CYSL had founded the Craddock Cup, in part, to fund a field-acquisition program for the league, with the expectation that the tournament would generate at least $6,000 annually toward that goal. Unfortunately, with tournament profits averaging a loss of almost $4,000 a year, CYSL’s board of directors was beginning to express frustration with the lack of profits generated by the Craddock Cup. Rivaldo knew the Craddock Cup was in danger of being canceled, and that he risked losing his job......

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